Fitness Cure Podcast By Maria Kang: Episode #6 - Ernest 'Mongo' Chang Interview.

The Fitness Cure Podcast features everyone's favorite fitness expert, Maria Kang. Listen in this week as she interviews rising NPC Bodybuilder Ernest 'Mongo' Chang about amateur bodybuilding in Hawaii, how he got started, and more!

Show #6: Ernest 'Mongo' Chang

Welcome to Episode #6 of Maria Kang's Fitness Cure podcast series. This week your beautiful and talented hostess, Maria Kang, teams up with rising NPC Amateur Bodybuilder Ernest 'Mongo' Chang to talk about the bodybuilding scene in Hawaii, how he got started, motivation, and more!

Mongo Chang Mongo Chang Mongo Chang
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NPC Heavyweight Bodybuilder Ernest 'Mongo' Chang.

Ernest Chang's Posing Routine.

Maria talks with Mongo about the recent 2007 NPC Paradise Cup in Waikiki, Hawaii in November, and how he won the Best Poser Award at only his second show, his Chinese heritage, what it was like meeting top IFBB pros Hidetada Yamagishi and Silvio Samuel, etc.

Mongo is known as the "People's Champ" in Hawaii. He used to weigh over 300 pounds, he is full Chinese, and he has competed in strongman competitions before switching to bodybuilding.

In this interview, Maria and Mongo talk about:

  • Motivation
  • Passion & Goal Setting
  • Controversy between Christianity and Bodybuilding (he is Christian)
  • Love and Relationships (he is single)

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Maria Kang & Ernest 'Mongo' Chang:
NPC Bodybuilding in Hawaii & more!

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