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Male Transformation Of The Week - Scott Burnham Shed 9% Body Fat!

Scott decided to make a change after 2 life-changing circumstances occurred in 2008. He knew this was the time to get the physique he had always wanted. Read on to learn how he shed 12 pounds and 9% body fat right here!
Before Before:
196 lbs
After After:
184 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Scott Burnham
Email: scottburnham@sbcglobal.net
BodySpace: victomax

Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 196 lbs
Body Fat: 16.9%

Age: 29
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 184 lbs
Body Fat: 7.9%

Why I Got Started

My decision to really make a change was spurred on by two life changing circumstances in 2008. My dad was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in spring of 2008 and my son was diagnosed with an illness in fall of 2008. My world was in chaos and seemed to be spiraling out of control as the days went on.

I felt like the guy in the ocean who keeps getting slammed by wave after wave. Life had me in a proverbial choke hold and I was ready to tap out. During this period of time I found one place where I was able to find peace. My personal gym, which was at one point a place of great pride, became hallowed ground.

Life Had Me In A Proverbial Choke Hold And I Was Ready To Tap Out.
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Life Had Me In A Proverbial Choke
Hold And I Was Ready To Tap Out.

The gym was my escape, my release, my voice of reason. It was at the end of 2008 that I decided 2009 would be a different year. I had been 'talking' about doing a show for more than 4-or-5 years. I always wanted to be able to see my abs, but never committed to the diet. 2009 was going to be the year I accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

How I Did It

The best thing I did for myself to get started was to be vocal with the people in my life. The accountability factor has been key, during those long stressful days at work when I wanted nothing more to dive into a deep dish pizza the accountability was a life saver.

My gym attendance had never been an issue, so the key for my transformation was to put together a diet and cardio regimen that would be sustainable while getting the results I wanted. Dave Kerr from Structure Fitness played the advisor role for me.

The Best Thing I Did For Myself To Get Started Was To Be Vocal With The People In My Life.
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The Best Thing I Did For Myself To Get Started
Was To Be Vocal With The People In My Life.

Keeping me honest about the amount and intensity of my cardio, as well taking the time to truly understand what was going to work best for me regarding my diet. We started with a healthy protein based diet, cutting out simple carbs, sugars and making general good dietary decisions.

Dave became especially helpful when we had to put together my contest diet. My wife also played a critical role, she has put up with me during my low card days, she has been amazing in keeping food in the house and making sure I am always stocked with chicken.

The Accountability Factor Has Been Key.
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The Accountability Factor Has Been Key.

With my cardio plan and my diet in place, the key was to ensure daily success while juggling a 50-plus hour per week work schedule, my wife, 3 1/2 year old daughter and my son. The key success point for me became preparation, knowing when I would be doing my cardio and sticking to that structured plan.

Often times for working professionals it is so easy to lose the entire day to the needs of the business, and family requirements. By having my plan laid out and sharing that plan with my wife I was able to do the things required without feeling guilty about it. The key was communication and making her as much a part of the process as I was.


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Trisets - Three exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.

    Monday: Chest

    Tuesday: Legs

    Thursday: Back

    Friday: Arms

    Saturday: Shoulders

    2-3 Days Per Week: Abs

Suggestions For Others

  • Build Your Team: It's critical to have a solid support system - your spouse or significant other, lifting partners, nutrition advisors all become critical pieces not only for the tangible support they offer but also for the mental support.

    I owe so much to Jack, Mike and Dave at One on One Fitness, Dave Kerr at Structure Fitness, my lifting partner Dan, my parents who watched my kids while I spent hours in the gym and my wife Brandy. All have played a huge role in my transformation.

  • Set Your Goals With A Date: The concept of goal setting is huge, but it's too easy to set a goal of 'someday' the key is to give yourself a timeline.

    I often found myself looking longingly at a piece of pizza or some other enticing comfort food, I would always tell myself "no matter how bad I want that, I want (insert your own goal) more." You need to have your goals engrained so that the minute temptation comes you have already decided it's not worth it.

It's Critical To Have A Solid Support System.
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It's Critical To Have A
Solid Support System.

  • Be Aggressive: Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished by thinking about it, the key is action. As kids we all knew it was smarter to just jump in a cold pool and get it over with then to tip toe in.

    However as adults in life we spend too much time tip toeing into things, if we would simply jump in often times we would be amazed by what we can accomplish.