Lovely Lady Legs: Jen Jewell's Leg-Sculpting Workout

Don't hide your legs this winter, display them! Build your legs and burn some fat with Jen's intense lower-body workout.

The winter affords us no reprieve from showing our legs. And why should it? Leggings, skinny jeans, holiday-party dresses, and beach-vacation bikinis are all part of a cold-weather wardrobe.

Instead of bucking the trends and hiding in sweatpants, use the winter months to whip your lower body into shape. With sculpted legs and buns, you'll not only rock a pair of leggings, but you'll be ready for flirty hemlines when the spring comes back around.

My favorite way to sculpt my lower body is by coupling weighted exercises with bursts of cardio. The weights help build muscle and the cardio bursts add some calorie-burning intensity. Add this workout to your regimen and show off your sculpted glutes, quads, and hams!

Leg-Shaping Sweat Session

Perform the first superset four times with a 30-second rest between each set. Repeat this pattern for each superset.

The Workout

Pro Tip:
You can change the exercises. Choose some of your favorite lower-body movements and alternate them with cardio exercises. I do, however, always include some sort of deadlift. Sumo deadlifts are my fave!

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Internationally published fitness model, fitness writer, and certified personal trainer Jen Jewell has maintained a passion for staying active...

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Hi Jen (or anyone who can help)
I'm anticipating shoulder surgery within the next two weeks but I am determined to keep my healthy/active lifestyle even while on the mend. The recovery process is long and slow. I figure I'll work on my lower body while I let the upper heal. That makes it a little difficult as a majority of the lower body exercises require a barbell or dumbbells, which I wont be able to use. I know I'll be able to do seated leg press/curls and extensions but is there anything else you can help me out with as far as moves/exercises I can do while "babying" my shoulder?
Thanks a bunch,

Feb 4, 2014 4:33pm | report
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