Marc Lobliner's Gold's Classic Contest Prep & Lifestyle Juggling Act: Peak Week (Day 4-5)!

Peak week has started. I am so ready! The next couple of days will include nothing but sitting, working and tanning as I prepare to get onstage with nasty conditioning! Yes! Here are my latest journal entries.

Peak Week

dot Thursday: June 11, 2009 dot

    Today, all that I will be doing is sitting, working and tanning. My pre-carb posing session with Rob is done and all I do now is rest and heal. Carbs have begun with meal 1 and meal 2 is coming right up. I notice a slight increase in vascularity already. I am keeping water high and filling up with the carbs!

I Notice A Slight Increase In Vascularity Already.
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I Notice A Slight Increase In Vascularity Already.

    Tonight, I go in to get spray tanned/airbrushed and they have promised me that it will make me dark. After that, I will apply 2-3 coats of Pro Tan and then start 2-3 coats in the AM of Pro Tan and then 2-3 coats of Jan Tana Competition Foam Friday afternoon. I will then add 1-2 coats prior to prejudging.

All I Do Now Is Rest And Heal.
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All I Do Now Is Rest And Heal.

dot Friday: June 12, 2009 dot

    Tanning has just begun! I put on one more coat of Pro Tan this morning and just put on my first coat of Jan Tana Competition Color. I have 3-4 more coats to go! Then oil, and BAM! So far, I have done:

    • 2 coats spray tan
    • 2 coats Pro Tan (last night)
    • 1 coat Pro Tan (AM)
    • 1 Coat Jan Tana (AM)

    Tanning Has Just Begun! Tanning Has Just Begun!
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    Tanning Has Just Begun!

    Going to do another Jan Tana in 20 minutes and then I will do more in the hotel later today. The more, the better!

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