Living Large: Jay Cutler's 8-Week Mass-Building Trainer, Day Eleven

Row, row, row your way to thickness with this diverse back workout that will leave no fiber untouched!

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Put on your flattest-soled shoes and step up to the platform, because it's back day. That means rows and pull-downs. But if you think you can row your way out of having to do your deadlifts, think again!

On back day, maybe more than any other day, the priorities are quality reps and a full range of motion. That's why we're using the rope attachment for the cable rows rather than the D-handle. The rope allows you to go all the way back, pinning those shoulder blades together like no other row variation can. You may not be able to see the mass you're building, but you might hear it. It sounds like a dress shirt splitting open!

Day 11: Back

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