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The New Year Blahs And Ways Of Overcoming Them.

You work, you have kids, and you have a busy schedule. Somewhere in there make time for you... Get some great ideas right here to improve your motivation for training.

It's the New Year and you are trying to get motivated to exercise and become healthier. You have the blahs however. Why can't you seem to make time for the gym?

You work, you have kids, and you have a busy schedule. Somewhere in there you need to make time for you and your well being. How do you accomplish that one? I have some great tips right here for overcoming these obstacles.

When To Train:

    If you are not an early morning person, pack a bag of workout gear and put it in your car. This way you don't have to go home after work and you will have a better chance of making to the gym on your way home. Once you are there it will be easier to find the motivation to exercise.

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Get A Training Partner:

    Find a workout partner. Being accountable to someone else can help you show up for workouts. It also makes it more fun to have a training partner.

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Training Partners Help Each Other Work Harder.
Tony Catanzaro & Anthony Belvilacqua.

    There is a certain competitive edge when training with someone too. You will tend to work a bit harder as well.

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Goal Setting:

    Set realistic goals. For example; wanting to lose ten pounds is one thing. You just can't do it in a week. Give yourself a month or so to reach this goal.

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    Once you start seeing results, it will be easier to exercise long term. The only way to stay fit is to keep exercising and watching what you eat. By no means is it easy, but neither is anything worthwhile.

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The First Year:

    The first year of training is the most exciting because this is the time when we make the most and fastest gains. After that it takes intensity and consistency to make gains. Once you reach your goal, it is relatively easy to maintain a physique weight training only two days per week. That is, if your diet is good. I would recommend a couple of days of cardio work as well.

How Often Do You Perform Cardio?

Once A Week.
Twice A Week.
Three Times A Week.
Four Times A Week.
Five Times A Week.
Six Times A Week.
Every Day.

Nutrition Ideas:

    As far as nutrition goes, you will have to start carrying food around with you. Always make sure you have water available. Keep protein bars in the car or at work. You will have to prepare food in advance for meals you will need throughout the day. This will keep you away from fast food.

    If you have to eat out, then make healthier choices - You can always find something healthy on most menus these days. Most restaurants have a chicken, rice and vegetable meal.

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Update Training Routine:

A New Year:

    This is a brand new year. Make yourself a priority. Get to the gym and workout. Stop eating so much fat and sugar. Follow the six P's:

    1. Proper
    2. Planning
    3. Prevents
    4. Piss
    5. Poor
    6. Performance

    Only you have the power to control your own destiny. Make this year your year to be fit and healthy.

    Lisa Lisa
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    Make This Your Year!

    Lisa Sutton