LiftRite Video Guide: Episode #10 - Abs & Calves Training With Toney Freeman!

In this episode you will see how Toney The X-Man Freeman gets ready for the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest by fine tuning his abs and calves. Learn the importance of mindset and concentration while training...

Episode #10: Abs & Calves Training With Toney Freeman

We had the rare oportunity to learn some quick techniques for developing rock hard abs and calves by simply performing one exercise for each muscle group. Sound too good to be true?

Toney Freeman is living proof that by simply concentrating on form, rep tempo and range of motion you can target muscle groups to their fullest extent. His abdominal development has been the deciding factor between 1st and 2nd place in numerous bodybuilding contests from amateur to pro.

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Toney Freeman's Abdominals.

The mass and definition in Toney's calves comes from years of hard training with heavy weight and proper nutrition. His lifting technique for blasting his calves left me limping to the drinking fountain after the one never ending set. In this episode he explains in detail the simple mindset and concentration needed to emphasize resistance on both the inner and outer calf.

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Toney Freeman's Calves.

Toney unveils many tips and tricks to building detailed abs and calves as he prepares for the 2007 Mr. Olympia. He also answers many common questions about today’s bodybuilding techniques.

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Make sure and alter your workout weekly with different variations of these exercises by simply changing grip width and torso angles to target different muscle groups.

Tune in and learn all you need to know to get started toward achieving your fitness goals!

LiftRite Episode #10
Abs & Calves Training With Toney Freeman

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Stay motivated by seeing results in the way of muscle size and strength. This will help you focus on reaching your fitness goals and aspirations.

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Now that you have learned what an IFBB pro does for abdominal and calf workouts you should be able to apply these elements and begin to see results in no time. Join us next time on LiftRite. Train Hard, eat right and live well!

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