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Watch Jim and Josh cover everything a lifter needs to know about the exercises ranging from how to properly perform the exercise, injury prevention tips, what muscle groups are worked, what kind of athlete it will benefit and much more.

Each episode on we will bring you one new exercise fully described via our new video show, LiftRite with Jim and Josh.

Tyler will film Jim and Josh while covering everything a lifter needs to know about the exercise ranging from how to properly perform the exercise, injury prevention tips, what muscle groups are worked, what kind of athlete it will benefit and more.

LiftRite will be an instructional but also boisterous new video show. When YOU, the bodybuilder that is trying to achieve a specific goal watch the show, we want you to become an expert by watching these instructional videos.

-> About Jim Britain:

    Jim started working out in high school but didn't get serious until about 5 years ago. He wanted to learn to live healthy and transform his physique. Now at the age of 31 he has achieved many of his fitness goals and aspirations.

    In April of 2006 he entered the NGA Northwest Naturals Bodybuilding Contest and received 2nd place in the novice division. This accomplishment made him realize that everyone creates self imposed limitations and many times pass up the many opportunities staring them right in the face.

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Jim On Contest Day.

    Jim has joined our Web Development team here at and enjoys being envolved in every aspect of the fast paced fitness industry.

    Check out Jim's Bodyspace profile here.

-> About Josh Griffith:

    His passion for fitness and bodybuilding started around Junior High. In about 8 or 9th grade Josh took a strength and conditioning class. From then on he was hooked!

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Josh Griffith.

    Josh is an accomplished Network Engineer and enjoys fitness modeling for on the side. He trains hard to maintain a lean 185 pound frame and enjoys making his healthy lifestyle a priority.

    "Discipline is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets!"

    Check out Josh's Bodyspace profile here.

-> About Tyler Williams:

    Tyler first picked up a video camera when he was in 7th grade filming skateboarding. Prior to becoming part of the family here a he worked for a Visual Effects House in California that worked on Sin City.

    In his spare time he enjoys creating music videos for bands and getting involved with anything that has to do with film. He's simply just a "film nerd".

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Tyler Hard At Work.

    Tyler's talent and creativity has been a valuable tool for in many ways. His vast experience has brought our website to a new level.

    Check out Tyler's Bodyspace profile here.

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