SPEED - What You Should Know About Legal Gear's New Product.

Ever since Ephedra's unfortunate demise, I have searched for an equivalent. I do believe I have found an equivalent in this product. Learn more about it right here.

Unconscionable is defined in the English language as boundless, disproportionate, dizzying, exorbitant, extravagant, inordinate, overboard, and towering. Every one of these words is applicable to Legal Gear's new product: Speed.

I have been skeptical of all the hype over new products since we (effectively) lost Ephedra. I know we can get BIG E in 10 mg doses, but that option does not make me a happy camper. Ever since Ephedra's unfortunate demise, I have searched for an equivalent.

In Search Of The Big E.

I had some success with Charge from Labrada (more of an energizer than a thermogenic), Legal Gear's LipoAssassin (more of a thermogenic than an energizer) and LipoXene (energizer), VPX Redline (blistering thermogenic, moderate energizer, and why did they have to change to the cinnamon formula? I liked the sour cherry better) and EAS ThermoDynamX (energizer, despite the name).

Don't get me wrong, they are all very good products. But they weren't the Big E. I wanted the boost and the thermo I got from a good dose of pure E (40 mg alkaloids, remember?) and caffeine. I wanted the energy, and the burn. I wanted Jack!

Using all my Native American capabilities, I put my ear to the ground, hoping to catch fragments to piece together into an answer. The buzz was that some bodybuilders had turned to nicotine patches to get the boost. Oops. Not me. I had quit smoking 18 years ago and I wasn't ready to fight with that addiction again.

Chemically Correct: Nicotine. Chemically Correct:

It is an intriguing idea that by using a nicotine product, one could experience beneficial body composition effects while avoiding the dangers of cigarette smoke.
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The word was that this "kinda" and this "sorta" but nothing was the Big E. Some guys switched over to ephedrine, the synthetic equivalent to E. I don't know why, but synthetic seems to be very selective in its effectiveness. It either works very well or not at all (in proper amounts of course).

I had about given up, when I got an email from Legal Gear telling me that they had made a breakthrough. Promises, promises.


Now to back up just a bit. I suffered for years with childhood asthma and as a result was pumped full of anti-inflammatories and bronchodilators. I suspect that years of use of drugs like Theophylline raised my baseline tolerance to stimulants such as caffeine, pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, but I will never know.

What I do know is that Ephedra has also been used to treat asthma, and maybe my body recognized compounds in E like it did in the asthma meds. But that is all conjecture. Back to the promise.

Legal Gear Presents: Speed

Legal Gear had been working with a European product, Cyclicone, that showed great results, and they were ready to unleash it. They sent me two promo bottles which proclaimed "the most powerful thermogenic stimulant ever created" and "it will get you amped for the gym and help you burn fat like nothing else on the market!" Blah, blah, blah.

The power, blue capsules were eye-catching, and rather electric in their coloration, which subliminally made me think of electricity, which evokes feelings of energy. Marketing 101.

I looked at the ingredients list again. Nothing spectacular, I thought. The directions said to take 1-3 capsules up to 3 times daily; I took two. Speed took just 15 minutes to hit my system like a freight train.

In the words of that celebrity chef: BAM!

I could hardly believe it. I picked up the phone and called the LG president.

    "Hey this is Deen."


    "I just tried Speed."


    "This stuff is Jack!"

    "Glad you like it."

Honestly, Legal Gear has hit on a workable combo with the Cyclicone by adding caffeine, synephrine, tyrosine, theobromine and vinpocetine. I've seen all those ingredients in mixes before, but this seems to be a very different recipe.

I have seen claims on bottles before, and like you, dumped money down the toilet in hopes the bottles told the truth- they didn't. Now if you do the math you could take up to 9 a day. I fluctuate between 230 and 250 and wouldn't take six a day. I have taken four a day, and that seemed like plenty.

I also would not take it every day. I'd cycle it like people did Ephedra: either 2 days on and 1 day off, or 2 weeks on and 1 week off. There's no since in suffering from burned out adrenals or getting a cortisol spike in the body from the body thinking it's going into stress.

On the week off, supplement with just straight guarana. The best part? It's not real pricey. You get 90 caps, and at 4 a day for only 20 days out of the month, you should get more than a month out of it. With so many products falling short of expectations, Legal Gear has delivered the goods with this one. Email them or me if you feel like you have some real feedback on the product.

Thanks Much,

Deen Gill