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Before you embark on your journey in the 12 Week Lean Body Program take a moment and get to know the man who will be training you as you make your transition into a new, healthier you.

Lee's Beginning

Like most people, Lee's introduction to fitness started small, sneaking into his dad's bedroom and using his weightlifting set. After he and his family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, Lee began working out regularly throughout high school, but like most people he wasn't seeing the results he wanted. At the time, Lee didn't realize he was overtraining and not eating right. But then something happened - he met a student at his school that did competitive bodybuilding.

After asking the student numerous questions, Lee became enthralled. From there, Lee went to college to study civil engineering, and made due with the gym equipment available at the schools he went to, which were often pretty basic. However, Lee will be the first person to tell you that you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to see results.

Lee's Bodybuilding

During college, Lee started entering more bodybuilding competitions, winning the NPC Collegiate Texas Championship, NPC Gulf Coast Classic, and NPC Texas State Championships. It didn't stop there either, as Lee went on to win his class at the 1985 NPC National Championships as well as being crowned IFBB Mr. Universe at the age of 25. From there, Lee was a top four world bodybuilder for seven consecutive years, eventually being inducted into the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in 2004.

Lee's journey through his bodybuilding career for over 25 years has allowed him to use his own body as an experiment, learning how training, food, and lifestyle can affect our bodies.

Lee's Career

After his bodybuilding career Lee was able to start his own company Labrada Nutrition - now one of the most popular nutritional supplements and functional foods companies around. Through Labrada Nutrition, Lee was able to start spreading his message of B.A.N.E.X. - Balanced Nutrition and Exercise. Lee's dedication to helping people become fit and his desire to share his knowledge led him to create the Lean Body Coaching Club, a free weekly newsletter aimed at giving people the right fitness information and motivation. Lee's Get Lean Houston! Campaign

So what happened when Men's Fitness magazine named Houston (Lee's home city and the locale of Labrada Nutrition) "America's Fattest City" two years in a row? Lee started an initiative called the Get Lean Houston! campaign and was officially named Houston's fitness czar. He created a free program that anyone could use to lose fat, tone muscle, and get in shape. The results - in just one year, the people of Houston worked together to get in shape , making Houston no longer #1 on the list of "America's Fattest Cities."

12 Week Lean Body Trainer Lee Labrada on TV
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Lee's journey through the Get Lean Houston! campaign led him to create The Lean Body Promise, a complete book and 12-week program with the proper training, nutritional, and motivational information that anyone can use for results.

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