Preparing For My First Bodybuilding Show!

This first installment will lay out my plan of attack as far as training and nutrition goes, and then I will share my beginning stats and before pics.
After my first bodybuilding show (but my 6th time competing) in October (Kingston Regionals) I am ready and raring to go for the 2004 competitive season. I am planning on doing the Strattford show in April as a warm up for the South Centrals in June. Assuming I qualify (and let's shall we) I will then be doing the Provincials in July.

I have competed in just about every category there is... fitness (IFBB), figure (IFBB & WNSO), fitness modeling (WNSO) and now bodybuilding. Quite frankly I do not know what took me so long to get to bodybuilding, but I am glad I finally made it. It's where I belong and where I'll be staying. I have never had so much fun on stage as I did in bodybuilding.

So the Stratford show is April 24th, I have already begun training for it. My diet began early, as I'm hoping to be able to take a break at midpoint somewhere. Please cross your fingers for me... I ate a lot over the holidays and have a lot of work to do, lol.

So for the first installment, I will lay out my plan of attack as far as training and nutrition goes, and then I will share my beginning stats and before pics.


My training program is as follows:

    Horizontal Push/Pull - Two exercises for chest, two for back,

    Quad Dominant Legs - Squats

    Kickboxing - 2 hrs

    Vertical Push/Pull - 2 exercises for lats, 2 for shoulders

    Hip Dominant Legs - Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

    Rest or abs/calves/cardio

    Kickboxing - 2 hrs
    Work sets are at 4-6 sets of 4-6 reps, per exercise.


I am cycling both calories and carbohydrates. I make sure to get between 150 and 200 g of protein per day. Less on a refeed day, more on a no carb day to ensure adequate calorie intake. My fat intake varies as well. On a typical no or low carb day, I will get about 5-10 g of fat per meal, with none in my post workout meal. On a refeed day, my fat is next to nil, consuming only what is in my lean protein and carb sources.

On rest days I go no carb, low calorie. On the days I train (M, T, T, F) I consume the majority of my carbs around my workout. Most days I will have starchy carbohydrates P-WO only, but depending on my energy levels I may have carbohydrates in my pre-workout meal as well. Every couple of days (usually 3-4) I incorporate a refeed day where carbohydrates hit as high as I can get them eating clean.

Protein sources include MRM Low Carb or MRM Iso-bolic, lean red meat including ground beef, eggs, tuna, chicken, salmon, turkey and cottage cheese.

Carbohydrate sources include old-fashioned oats, steel cut oats, beans, brown basmati rice, sweet potatoes, apples, berries and grapefruit, and fiber. Pasta and bread are allowed on refeed days in one meal only, however, the pasta rarely is made.

Fat sources include natural peanut butter (of course!), flaxseed oil, olive oil, fish oil caps, light or heavy cream, and butter. Most of the time I'm using flax seed oil however... ok, I use a lot of peanut butter too!

Beginning Stats: Jan. 09, 04


    Bodyweight: 132.5
    Right arm, relaxed, just below shoulder: 11.5"
    Right Bicep, flexed: 12.25"
    Chest: 36"
    Waist: 28.25"
    Hip, upper: 32.25"
    Hip, lower, across glutes: 38"
    Right thigh, upper: 22.25"
    Mid-thigh: 21"


    Tricep: 13.7 averaged out
    Thigh: 23
    Chest: 10
    Illiac (top of hip bone): 7.5
    Subscap: 15
    Ab: 15.5
    Calf: 11
    Low Back: 12.5
    Bi: 4


And my beginning set of pics. The quality is rather crappy but you get the idea. Hopefully the next set will be better. Until the next installment... train hard and eat clean!