Layne Norton's Peak Week - Full Series

This 5 video series will tell you all you need to know about dialing it in during the last week pre-contest. When it comes to competing, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

The 5 videos below will tell you all you need to know about dialing it in during the last week pre-contest. The videos are divided by subject: nutrition, water and sodium, training and cardio, posing, and stage presence. Each of these disciplines is critical to master; don't skip any! When it comes to competing, you're only as strong as your weakest link. Completing this video series will ensure that you have none.


Episode 1: Nutrition

Learn what to eat and what not to eat-especially where carbohydrates are concerned-during this critical week. Of course, protein and fat are covered too.
Water and sodium

Episode 2: Water & Sodium

Water and sodium may the trickiest elements of all to manage pre-contest. Learn how to manage their delicate balancing act with my series of dos and don'ts

Episode 3: Training & Cardio

Training and cardio have brought your physique this far, but if you don't manage your workouts well during peak week, it could all be for naught.

Episode 4: Posing

Posing is an art form and a science rolled into one. I provide details on how to hit every pose to full effect, showcasing your physique in the best possible way.

Episode 5: Stage Presence

Stage presence is hard-to-define quality that separates the winners from the losers. You might think you naturally either have stage presence or don't, but you can actually learn it.

Myths And Misconceptions

My peak week program is designed to dispel the myths about contest prep and, in the process, place your physique on the fast track to success. I'm devoting an entire video series to contest preparation because no topic in all of bodybuilding is surrounded by as many myths and as much "Bro"-science as the seven days preceding a physique contest.

Layne Norton's Program

Almost all these "super-secret" and "specialized" peaking programs are some version of the following sequence:

  • Sunday through Tuesday: Low or no carbs. Super high water consumption, high sodium intake, and high-rep "depletion" workouts.
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Begin super-aggressive carb load. Beginning Thursday, reduce sodium and water. No more workouts or cardio beginning Wednesday.
  • Friday: Continue carb load and water and sodium reduction. By this point, most of these plans will have you consuming less than half your normal water intake; some may draw you down to zero. Sodium is usually zero by this point, at which point potassium loading typically begins. Begin taking a diuretic.
  • Saturday: Continue carb load. Consume almost no water and no sodium while continuing to load potassium and take a diuretic.

If you followed this protocol, you probably looked flat and soft onstage, which you left shaking your head in disgust. You probably shook you head even harder when you woke up the day after the show looking great!

What the heck just happened, you probably thought. Well, What happened is that you sabotaged yourself.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. I'm here to explain what happened, and how you can avoid this fate in the future.

Layne Norton Competition Stack

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