Latest Pics And Dieting Down Update!

Here are some pics I took in March. My dieting down details are right here...
The following pictures were taken back in March. This is before I started doing much cardio and dieting down real hard. I was lifting heavy and slowly cleaning up my diet by eating more protein and cutting the carbs. No cheating! I feel I was a little behind at this point. By June 2nd I will have shaved my legs and you will be able to see my hamstrings better.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger pic.

From this point on my plan is to keep lifting heavy and start doing lots of cardio. One hour of stairstepping three days per week and running for an hour for another three days per week. I have completely cut any junk from my diet like flour/bread and juices. I will be eating more chicken, egg white omelets and more veggies.

I'm feeling confident and very excited for this show. I will look better than last year for sure. I plan to come in at 189 lbs which is heavier than last year when I came in at 183. This will bring me to the top of the light-heavyweight division. I will be in better condition this year because of all the posing I am doing right now. I am working extra hard on my calves, glutes and hamstrings.

I am nervous but I am ready to get it on! Wish me luck! More updates and pics coming very soon.