12 Weeks To Your Future Physique: The Mindset - (Chapter 2)

If you find yourself wanting to make a physical change, but I really don't have time to exercise, already you are falling into the loser category.
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Winners Vs. Losers

Winners Losers
Winners set their goals, commit themselves and DO IT. Losers also set their goals but think about it.
Winners make commitments. Losers make excuses.
Winners act. Losers react.
Winners control circumstances. Losers are controlled by circumstances.
Winners are motivated by successful end results. Losers are motivated by easy methods.
Winners do what they fear. Losers fear what they do.
Winners look at why something can and will work. Losers look at why something can't and wont work.

Making Excuses

If you find yourself wanting to make a physical change but constantly repeat the words (speaking or thinking) "I really don't have time to exercise," already you are falling into the #2 loser category. Losers make excuses.

Instead try and turn that negative response back into something positive and say to yourself "I suppose if I got up ½ hour earlier in the morning and watched 15 minutes less TV during the day, yes, perhaps there would be 45 minutes in that day that I could do some kind of exercise."

Maybe you should even make that appointment with yourself self and write it into your diary. If you write a doctors appointment or specify a time to meet a client, generally you would keep to that schedule so if you do the same with your training regime, why should that be any different?

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you study this table, don't disregard any of it as rubbish and walk away from the computer because it may have hit a soft spot or you tried to analyze it too much. Try to work out a way how to turn each of your negatives in your life into a positive to become a winner.

This isn't just a physical challenge but a mental one as well. You may have to prepare to change certain aspects of your life but for the better. Remember, if you do what you have always done you get what you have always got. Fail to prepare, you will prepare to fail.

My successful clients simply stepped out of their comfort zones and simply disregarded what "they" thought was best or easier. This immediately sets these same individuals up to become winners of their own pursuit for happiness. Another important statement to remember is that your body adapts to its environment so it is essential to keep the body guessing or from adapting to its environment. Same holds true for your life as a whole.

One of my client's amazing transformation

The pictures in Chapter 3 are from only several people that have changed their mindset from losers to winners, and not necessarily with great ease. If you are a winner, I shall speak to you following the testimonials. If you have chosen the path of the loser, remember in 12 weeks time you will look back and probably wish you had made the change because you are still the same person that wanted to change 12 weeks ago when you originally picked up this book. You've tried it your way, IT DOESN'T WORK! Now it's time to try my way. See you on the other side.

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