The 2006 Atlantic City Pro - Review & Top Ten!

After struggling to find any amenities within easy reach I decided to get straight to the show. Here is my review of the top ten bounding muscle mutations and why they finished in this order. Check it out!

If you happen to be a film buff you would've probably seen one of the latest horror flicks - Silent Hill. A similar scenario of the movies story draped my first impression of Atlantic City from the moment I arrived.

Following my settlement into my Hotel I perused the City for a decent newspaper stand to purchase a bodybuilding magazine - no such luck.

Later that day I asked the hotels front desk where the nearest gym was located in order for me to get my daily adrenaline shot "there isn't one in city" was the reply. Well, I at least have to find a supermarket for my weekend's groceries I asked. "The nearest one is a 20 minute cab ride" said the Bell boy.

"Maybe I will go catch the new Jackass movie" I thought - Its $30 each way replied the cab driver. It seemed that the only amenities that were available to me were clothing departments and Casino's.

All of this didn't matter though because the only similarity to Silent Hill that I was here to behold were the mammoth creatures that walk the face of the earth who had congregated here to gain a last chance qualification to next weeks Olympia.

I normally like to begin my contest coverage with a small piece of background history on the City in which the contest dwells but at no surprise there was none to be found, so with that in mind lets dive straight into descriptive elements of the bounding muscle mutations at the Atlantic City Pro.

1st Place - Darrem Charles

    Darrem was seeking revenge on Johnnie Jackson who several weeks prior had beaten him to the victors circle at the Montreal Pro show. Revenge was sweet for Darrem as the shows result could've easily gone in either direction of for the drier Darrem or for the larger Jackson.

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    Darrem Charles.
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    2006 Europa Super Show Posing Routine: Windows Media (3.8 MB)

    Charles had "defined" the show from the front, displaying detail like he had been repeatedly used by a Pirelli tire on a one night stand.

Phil Heath & Darrem Charles
Phil Heath & Darrem Charles
2006 New York Pro Champions.
Photo By SecondFocus.
Week #11 - 5/23/2006
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    The brainteaser for Charles before the Olympia will be discovering how to shed the water that has been masking his back, glutes and hamstrings as of late because in Vegas the judges will not be so rewarding; but here he could sneak away more comfortably.

Guest: Darrem Charles
Date: 07/11/05
(Radio Show 4) - mp3 (8.0 MB)

2nd Place - Johnnie Jackson

    The evolution of Johnnie Jackson's size is starting to increase its momentum, so much - it's as if he goes to his local supermarket to order extra muscle to which they happily home deliver. At the Europa Super Show he weighed in at 234 lbs, a week later at Montreal where he ultimately finished the victor he topped the scales at a whopping 240 lbs. Today he told me he was 244 lbs - a huge 10lb increase in as little as 4 weeks.

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    Johnnie Jackson.
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    Johnnie size and structure appear to be pushing him to the boundaries of mass monster territory that he wears as comfortably as Anna Nicole's portrayal of a blond bimbo.

    The Texan resident's fullness depicts a human made pumped with helium and his arms seemed as big as an employee at an English fish and chip shop. Jackson lived in nearby Hamilton until the age of 29 so it was no secret that the home town hero had a huge vocal following of family, friends and ex training partners.

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3rd Place - Rodney St. Cloud

    When I saw Rodney backstage prior to pre-judging I mentioned that I believed today was his time for an Olympia qualification. Very appreciative of my compliment his confidence did little to agree. "Maybe you have a lucky Irish heritage" he said to me after his 3rd place announcement thus receiving a ticket to the Olympia stage.

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    Rodney St. Cloud.
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    2006 Europa Super Show Posing Routine: Windows Media (10.4 MB)

    Rodney was deserving of his placement after trekking a long diet that began in February at the this years Iron Man and on each showing his body seemed to adjust accordingly until his condition gave the judges what they were looking for.

    Rodney has no standout weaknesses and no standout advantages on his physique and at this level the judges focus on what a bodybuilder doesn't have - this is where Rodney sneaks ahead of the rest - he has a little of everything.

4th Place - Marcus Haley

    This is possibly the best showing of Marcus Haley to date. He was full, striated and as dry as Dorian's Yates's sense of humor after informing him that Shawn Ray should own a couple of his Sandow trophies.

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    Marcus Haley.
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    2006 Europa Super Show Posing Routine:Windows Media (5.2 MB)

    A training partner to Dexter Jackson, Marcus as of recent has been accumulating muscle in all the right places. His shoulder caps have vastly enhanced their magnitude as with his legs, and his separation in his glutes look like they had commenced divorce proceedings with no chance of reconciliation.

    The only puzzle that Marcus has left to piece together is the one that rids him from the water he holds through his hamstring and keeping his waist tight as he continues to grow. Apart from these minor glitches, I commend him for another spectacular showing and his third fourth place showing in his rookie year as an IFBB pro.

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5th Place - King Kamali

    King was a late entrant to the show who was riding high on his fourth place achievement at the Montreal Pro. King looked much of the same and still down on arm and leg development. For an athlete that has a mass monster midsection he has to have mass monster limbs to have any chance at gaining honors in a subject named symmetry.

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    King Kamali.
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    2006 Europa Super Show Posing Routine: Windows Media (10.2 MB)

    The same physique appeared here as in his last three shows with no sign of evolution. King has made the right choice on skipping the Olympia with the possibility of getting exposed as a last place finisher.

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6th Place - Brian Chamberlain

    The little pocket rocket propelled himself past many of the big guns by showing up as sharp as a Bob Cicherello's wit and as faultless as a an episode of Friends. Brian's skin is so thin you could mistake him for being an autopsy candidate whilst his presentation and attention to detail is second to none - the tan, the hair, I didn't ask about the make-up though.

    Brian Brian
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    Brian Chamberlain.
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    Unless Brian has a few tricks up his sleeve to increase his height unfortunately there only so far up the tall ladder he can climb, but at this level he should be acknowledge that he is more than half way up, not half way down.

7th Place - Jason Arntz

    Many have said that Jason has never really tapped into his potential but this was the best we have seen Jason since he turned Pro some years ago. His physique looked a little tired but his condition made up for the slightly flat muscles held on top of his 5'6' build. Arntz looked like he had been shopping in the leg department as of late, his back and taper with were standouts but too much oil over his physique took away the depth that needed to be visible for more judging approval.

    Jason Arntz Jason Arntz
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    Jason Arntz.
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8th Place - Craig Richardson

    Prior to this show Craig was one of my favorites to take an Olympia qualification here due to his awesome development and huge potential to be a major threat in the future. That qualification should have been granted but his diet seems to cause more problems than an elderly gentleman's sex life.

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    Craig Richardson.
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    Craig has a beautiful symmetrical shape with the size to put him near the front of the hungry pack at bigger shows. When Craig learns how to dial in his condition, his wide shoulders, huge flaring wheels, narrow waist and full chest will light up the arena.

9th Place - Will "World" Harris

    A representative to "The Mecca," - Venice, California, Will Harris was so confident that he would gain an Olympia qualification here in Atlanta that he had booked his hotel in Vegas weeks before. It's just as well that his confidence isn't as miniature as his waist or we could have easily seen him compete in last weeks PDI show.

    Will World Harris.
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    Will "World" Harris.
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    Wills rendition of the X-men was spoiled by a thin layer of fat that masked all the necessary striations, depth and muscularity needed to take him higher to a podium finish.

    Will's wing span tapered out from his tiny waist so magnificent that his silhouette imitated a bat call with every camera flash bulb. His legs were vastly improved but his lackluster attempt to keep them tensed signaled a need for more contest experience. With attention to detail and an objective eye on his condition, Harris could make a giant step forward considering the size and symmetry on his structure.

10th Place - Art Atwood

    The Canadian has quite a fan base following and I can understand why. Art is the true epitome to the word "Freak". There is nothing pretty about his physique but his select few overly developed body parts - chest, hamstrings and lats leave you gasping for air and in awe of is magnitude. As with most of his appearances, Atwood came in ripped and huge but his unsymmetrical shape overpowered his muscularity thus relegating him to a 10th place finish.

Art Atwood's Posing Routine From the 2006 Europa Super Show.


    11th - Luke Wood
    13th - Matt Duvall
    14th - Idrise Ward-El
    15th- Fouad Abaid

The Show's Venue:

    The Atlantic City convention center was a magnificent venue which seemed a little optimistic for the eventual crowd capacity. Promoters Stokely Palmer and Ron Goldstein ran a perfectly organized even that was watertight from start to finish of all glitches.

Conclusion would like to thank all who made this a truly memorable event.