2007 Arnold Preview - Is The Arnold Ready To Unwrap 'The Gift'?

Soon, Bodybuilding.com will be reporting whether Phil Heath has secured his third straight win when he goes head to head with veterans... Read below to see if this young pro has a chance!

In two weeks time, it is quite possible that Phil Heath will have 5 lifetime achievements crossed off his wish list. Already he has a Weider contract, a Met-RX contract and two professional wins.

Soon, Bodybuilding.com will be reporting whether he has secured his third straight win when he goes head to head with veterans like Gustavo, Branch, Martinez, Freeman and the reigning Arnold Classic champion Dexter Jackson.

Many critiques that include writers and fellow professional athletes think that 26 year old Heath is a star in the making but now is not the time. Possibly top five, some even say top 8 when several of his Arnold Classic competitors were asked if he could stand up to the challenge that awaits him on March 3rd.

5 Questions With Mr. USA, Phil Heath 5 Questions With Mr. USA, Phil Heath
Mr. USA Phil Heath has gone through some major changes now that he entered the arena of the pros. Five years ago he had no intention of being a bodybuilder. Learn where he thought he was headed.
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The two times Arnold Classic champion has come out and said that Heath is far from a threat and has to soak his feet a little more in the deep end before swimming some laps.

What many do not realize is that trash that others throw at "The Gift" is exactly what he will use as fuel on his fire.

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Fuel On His Fire.

When speaking with his trainer, Hany Rhambod, this is what he had to say.

    "The disregard people like Dexter and several other competitor shows for Phil are all a few spices that he will use against them. He will simply put it all into a pot; cook them up into a marinade and use as a secret ingredient to blow their minds.

    "He is only 26 years old but the kid is very mature, smart and knows what he has got to do. With everybody talking about him, simply states that they are all worried about him. The reason you won't hear Phil talking about the other guys is because he isn't concerned."

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Phil Heath At The 2006 Colorado Pro.
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A person who could prove a concern is Victor Martinez. Victor hasn't quite got the combination to dial in his condition as of yet but his size and symmetry is dominant enough to call him the 3rd best bodybuilder in the world at present.

Guest: Phil Heath
Date: 05/15/06
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Some say that if Victor is peeled, he has the size to bowl over Heath but what many are forgetting is that another one of the larger competitors - Dennis James had fallen victim to "The Gift's" superior shape and conditioning last year at the New York Pro.

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Heath & James At The New York Pro.
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When you can't seem to put a foot wrong, people want to knock you out like a Compton bully upon finding Michael Richards as your new substitute teacher, but Phil is a smart cookie and knows exactly where he stands. Unfortunately he doesn't make a habit of predicting outcomes, fortunately I do, and I back my words when I say that he will be pulling a rabbit out of the hat to hand out to all the naysayer's.

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Phil Heath.
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Several months after he competed in the New York Pro, I saw how much he had gained in a short time and I believe he has the drive, determination and genetics to take out some top tiered targets.

The Final Placing For The 2006 New York Pro:
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When "The Shadow", six time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates said to me that Heath and David Henry were the two guys in New York that knew how to bring their a-game, you know that they have the key to condition.

Speaking form experience, Yates, who was possibly the hardest and grainiest bodybuilder in history is very hard to impress and if Phil can repeat his contribution to Dorian's score sheet this will be another feather in Heath's hat.

Gift Wrapped! Gift Wrapped!
Phil Heath is seven for seven from the field on a bodybuilding stage. Here I'll discuss the controversy at the New York show and where he might place if he competes at the big dance.
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Dorian will be back to judge at the Arnold Classic and you can be sure that Heath will be dressed to impress.

We at Bodybuilding.com wish you all the best Phil. Good luck!

Mr. USA Phil Heath
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Phil Heath.