2006 Colorado Pro Review.

Pre-judging, and top five explained right here. See who placed in the top spots and why. See how Gary Strydom did and who got the Bodybuilding.com Fan's Choice award. The show was a great success!
Only 146 years ago, Denver had one sturdy structure within its community and since then has been perfecting this fine institution that has become the sixth sunniest city in the U.S.

Over the past weekend, the city accommodated 46 extra monuments coming in the form of modern day bodybuilding giants that were here to compete in the first Colorado Pro Show presented by bodybuilding legend, Shawn Ray.

The host hotel was perfectly located within the spotless downtown district of Denver and within a four block walk of the Convention Center that was home of the free fitness expo and bodybuilding event.

2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic Webcast 2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic Webcast
The 2006 1st Annual Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic aired live over the Internet. Watch the webcast replays here on Bodybuilding.com.
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In the symmetry and muscularity rounds, Darrem Charles, Phil Heath, and David Henry were on the honors list for a possible one, two and three when they were called out in the first round.

The judges were burdened with the closeness of the competition, which proved highly exhilarating for the Denver crowd whilst nerve-racking of the competitors who pushed, tensed and growled for prime position.

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Finals: The Top 5

     1st: Phil Heath

    The hometown hero looked truly amazing! Highly publicized in the lead-up to the show, he looked much more than a dense piece of hype. His condition was truly awesome whilst displaying improvements that were astounding when you compare him to last year's Phil Heath.

Phil Heath Phil Heath
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Hometown Hero, Phil Heath.

    His triceps, much improved lower back, and thighs were as striated as open tissue, and from the side, his thighs protruded like Pinocchio suffering from consistent deceptive syndrome. An astounding first pro show for this youngster has surprised several haters but has promised a bright future the sport has been craving.

     2nd: Darrem Charles

    When Darrem first walked on stage, he looked full, immensely sharp, and bigger than recent. As the show progressed, he seemed to lose some of that illusion but looked good enough to take top honors. His upper body looked slightly larger than Heath's but his lower body, although diced from top to bottom, took brunt to Phil's beefed up wheels.

Darrem Charles Darrem Charles
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Darrem Charles.

    Both guys' presentation, tan, and posing were flawless to further fill any holes the other may have missed, but on this night both were water tight and as dry as the Denver air - it could have gone either way.

     3rd: David Henry

    Whatever this guy lacks in height, he sure makes up in full muscle bellies that have the detail of a Picasso landscape! Tonight he brought his masterpiece that was his best work of art to date - only to be given a 3rd priced value on a top prized artifact.

David Henry David Henry
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David Henry.

    Unfortunately for David, he happened to bring it on a night that priceless ornaments were on the mantel besides him. Diced meat smothered his frame from every angle but larger lumps would be needed to paste on his structure to take home the spoils within company like this.

    Hamstring hang should be on top of that wish list but David is doing great things with what he has been given, and one can't help but wonder how he would place if he was taller.

     4th: Marcus Haley

    When Marcus was brought forward in the first callout of the symmetry round, several people looked confused and surprised of his inclusion. Don't get me wrong, Marcus was in great shape and had the condition and separation to be in first class company but his symmetry wasn't as highly regarded as others in the top six.

Marcus Haley Marcus Haley
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Marcus Haley.

    Most noticeable aspect of this was his thighs. From the front they were very narrow and lacked a lot of flare which slowed down his lines to a meandering path instead of a cruising flow. His ab shot looked great, as did his back and glute poses.

    Marcus is only new to the Pros, so I'm sure he will read his maintenance report repeatedly within the weights pen to turn out more finely-tuned Haley wheels on his next outing.

     5th: Bill Wilmore

    Bill looked as fresh as a child in a candy shop with a slightly larger physique to boot since his win at last years Nationals where he gained his pro card. The chest was full as was most of his upper body for that matter and his waist was tight which added to this illusion, only to be slightly shaded by an under par pair of arms.

Bill Wilmore Bill Wilmore
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Bill Wilmore.

    Standout poses were his rear lat spread and side chest. Bill was the third pro rookie in the top five proving that there is an emergence of raw talent sneaking through the ranks and that the amateur scene is more competitive than some may assume.

Finals Replay

2006 Colorado Pro Finals Replay
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Gary Strydom

Looking more like a comeback kid than a senior veteran, Gary Strydom took the bull by the horns and rode it into the competition - kicking the young buckaroos to the outer tiers of the stage perimeters! His grainy condition was one that was seen more on contest compatriots in the 80's and 90's, which served well on the judges table.

The Return Of Gary Strydom! The Return Of Gary Strydom!
At 47 years old, Strydom looks better than the era when he was one of the IFBB's top stars. A brief history and what he's planning to do is included. Also see how he feels about the industry. Check it out.
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He was much larger than the legend of past and had made such improvements that had previously held him back. This was in the region of the hamstring area which was sliced and looked like spaghetti pipes.

Gary Strydom
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Gary Strydom.

His posing needs to be updated with a little more tan that would sit nicely onto a back that strives for more width and thickness to challenge others in front of him. Other than this, it was impossible to fault the South African.

Special Mention

Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly did a fantastic job of presenting the show whilst giving the audience plenty of entertainment along the way.

Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon, and Shawn Ray
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Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon, And Shawn Ray.

Best Presentation Award:

Kai Green Kai Green
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Kai Green - $10,000

Bodybuilding.com Fan's Choice Award:

Phil Heath
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Phil Heath - $1,000

A successful show was enjoyed by all and is promised to be back next year!