Catches The Wood From Down Under:Interview With 2007 Iron Man Competitor Luke Wood.

Last week one of our true warrior friends from the land Down Under arrived on US shores in his final preparation weeks to the Iron Man... See how his prep is progressing as he gets ready for the Iron Man and his debut at the Arnold!

The first Pro Bodybuilding shows for 2007 are about to be battled by the hardcore Pro's who have been dieting over the hardest part of the year, during the festivities of Christmas and New Years -no Christmas pudding, turkey stuffing or champagne for these bodybuilding soldiers.

Last week one of our true warrior friends from the land Down Under arrived on US shores in his final preparation weeks to the Iron Man and Sacramento Pro show and for his debut invitation to the Arnold Classic before returning home to Australia for the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Luke Wood
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Luke Wood.

Luke has been working very closely with his good friend, trainer and nutritional advisor Milos Sarcev. Their main focus has been to bring up Luke's weaker body parts to truly benefit his physique to make a more complete package on stage.

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"My chest has become one of my strongest body parts as of late and it really adds so much more symmetry to my overall look," Luke told The only contributing factor Luke contributes the smooth sailing of the contest preparation this time round is his relaxed demeanor and freeing himself of the stresses that he has let bother him in the past.

Luke Wood Luke Wood
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Luke Wood, Five Weeks Out.

Being able to separate his profession as a Pro bodybuilder and his personal time has been the key to not burning himself out on his passion of his chosen sport.

Luke goes on to say, "I've learned the importance of marketing myself and building my fan base in order to get as much exposure as possible. Last August I signed a contract with 6 Star Muscle Fuel, I love their supplements and they have really helped me so much with my improvements. The guys at the company have been so great I cannot thank them enough!

Luke enjoys the off-season in his home country but prefers to spend his contest preparation in the US. The explanation is simple - "I have found a balance in my life to enjoy other hobbies such as fishing and golf.

I try to be a mentor to many within my community as well as a lot of athletes back in Oz and I get a real kick out of getting bodybuilders stage ready for local contests.

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I'm much more relaxed when I'm in the US than when I'm in Australia prepping for a show because I have many more knowledgeable people around me to refer to if I am unsure or just need reassurance that I am on track.

"For the Iron Man, my prep is going great! I'm 4 weeks out from the show and weighing 268lbs. I should be on stage at a full and hard 260lbs! I will move on to the Sacramento, the Arnold Classic and then the Australian Grand Prix. 4 shows are a big task but I really feel this is going to be a very good year for me," said a stern Wood.

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Some people say that a bodybuilder can only peak for one show per year so you can understand the task Luke has set for himself, and you can be sure will be on hand to relay the progress of Aussie Luke during his 4 contest stint over the next few months.

Luke Wood
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Luke Wood.