The Iron Man Awaits Greasy Fat Freeman!

Please don't take my light hearted title too literally. After speaking to the Titanic Toney Freeman it is obvious that he will be ready for the 2007 Iron Man. See how his contest prep is going...

Please don't take my light hearted title too literally. After speaking to the Titanic Toney Freeman four weeks out from the Iron Man Pro Show, let's just say this muscle machine is well oiled with healthy fats and tuned to take out the top spot at the first show of the season.

Toney's Prep Work:

    "My prep is going great Kris. I started my diet on November 30th and everything has been incredible. This has been the best I have ever looked and felt, mainly because I have been looking after myself and I am very comfortable.

Toney Freeman Interview! Toney Freeman Interview!
The beast speaks! At 285 lbs and still growing as he prepares for his pro debut, Toney Freeman is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
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    "I am training at home, I'm relaxed and enjoying preparing my meals. I've been dieting on 50gms of carbohydrates which is extremely low for a guy of my size but my increase of fats has made this recreation a totally different ball game," said the upbeat X man.

Toney Freeman
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IFBB Pro & 2007 Iron Man Contender.
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Week #44 - 1/16/2007
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    "With the extra fats feeding my brain as well as my muscles, it doesn't even feel like I'm dieting at all. From what I understand, Marika Johansson dieted in a similar fashion for the Europa Super Show and came in absolutely peeled.

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Marika Johansson At The 2006 Europa Super Show.
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    "Now, can you imagine that kind of condition appearing on a physique as big and as full as mine, it will blow your mind!"

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It Will Blow Your Mind!
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Ready For The Iron Man:

    At 290lb's, Freeman is currently as heavy as Lee Priest giving Kenny Jones a piggy-back and is as lean as Chris Cormier's pockets following a night crawl around the Vegas strip joints, but is more than fired up to take the Iron Man spoils.

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    In hindsight, Toney was so motivated after his seventh place in his first Mr. Olympia he wished he had joined Coleman and Cutler on the European tour that followed. Instead, he went straight back into the gym and zeroed his lost opportunity and added intensity onto the Pasadena stage that waits next month.

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Toney Freeman At His First Olympia.
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In The Business World:

    Apart from gulping shakes and pushing pounds, Freeman has been exercising his abilities in the business world. "I have been busy building a business chain of Wellness Longevity Centers that will incorporate many secret weapons that I have loaded into my recent bodybuilding armor."

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Toney's Secret Weapons Will Soon Be Available
At His Wellness Longevity Centers.

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Did You Know? 1 of 3

Toney started working out with this guy named Harold Hoag, who was into wrestling, so in about 2 ½ months, he went from 200 pounds to 255 pounds.

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Preventative Medicine:

    "I practice and utilize a lot of preventative medicine such as ozone colonic, infrared and ozone sauna which has given me crazy gains in a short amount of time since I have been pro. I will normally travel from the South East all the way to Seattle to get some of these procedures because if I'm healthy on the inside, you can bet your @ss I am going to look unreal on the outside."

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Toney Freeman: The Executioner.
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Toney's 2006 Europa Routine.
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If I know Toney's hunger and determination as much as I think I do, he will be eating up all the 200lb favorites of the 2007 Iron Man like Tyson chewing on a dish of a la earlobes.

Toney Freeman
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Toney Freeman.
Photograph By Kris Gethin.