Kris Gethin's 4Weeks2 Shred: Day 7 - Active Rest

Week one is in the books with two cardio sessions today. Don't dally on the way to the gym. Just punch the clock and get it done!

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Join me today as we drive to the gym. My pops stayed at my apartment overnight so he is with me again. When at the gym, he will train back, but for us it’s an active rest day, so I will jump on the Stairmaster for 40 minutes.

Active Rest Day Kris Gethin's 4Weeks2Shred
Watch the video - 2:32

As much as you possibly can, try to eat only the meals that you prepare yourself. But if you have a cafe or restaurant nearby that is willing to provide the non-fat exact macronutrients needed for your meals, then by all means, go out once on a weekend. My pops and I ate clean at Pure Kitchen in Cardiff so we could enjoy the sunshine and the diet in a different environment.

Later, I performed cardio once again for 40 minutes. Be sure to do the same if you want to chase me for similar shredding results.

Day 7: Active Rest

AM and PM: Cardio



40 min.
Step Mill Step Mill



300 reps
Twist Twist

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