Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 76

Get ready to eat, train, and grow with Gethin. Day 76 is coming soon!

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Heading into the last week of this program, you need to do a few things. First, take a moment to remember how far you've come. These past 11 weeks may have been some of the most difficult of your life. If you've made it this far, you have a lot to celebrate.

Second, it's important that you ready yourself for another week of brutality. We're not done yet. Quitting early is just not an option, so don't allow yourself one second of a "take it easy" mentality.

Finally, if you haven't already figured out what you're doing next, you need to. You may feel emotional at the end of this trainer, and you may not know exactly what to do with your new body. It's imperative that you have a plan of action. Start planning now! You've got new goals ahead.

Day 76 Active rest and cardio
Watch The Video - 05:27

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