Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 73

Get ready to eat, train, and grow with Gethin. Day 73 is coming soon!

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If you've never been to India, you're in for a treat today! Do cardio with Gethin as he runs through the streets of Mumbai. If you're stuck on the treadmill, save this video to watch on your phone or other mobile device during your session! It'll make the minutes fly.

Day 73 Active Rest
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Gethin's assimilation into the Indian culture has been absolutely intentional on his part. He's traveled extensively and has learned how to take advantage of the healthy aspects in every culture. He proves that no matter where you are, you can live healthy and reach your fitness goals.

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This morning the film crew came early to my apartment to capture me in meditation before my 30 minute run. The meditation wasn’t really a meditation while they were there but its worked to some degree. They navigated the narrow and buzzing Mumbai streets in a car which followed me as I ran ahead. We then finished the run where they captured me taking my customary street shave. Further from that I went home, showered, changed and then headed to the Bagel Shop in Bandra for a 10am call time where they filmed me working, reading and eating. We did that for around an hour before heading back to my apartment for more content. I spoke about BodySpace, cooked a breakfast pancake, and captured some preparation for travel tips, supplement creation, etc. Further from that, I don’t really recall. They left around 2pm and then I headed to Costa Coffee so I could begun reading through agreements, organizing more content for the post series shoot, writing out my thoughts and then mentally preparing for tomorrows workout. I found out that due to the extensive amount of editing we are doing, the series will now not release until early December. I had promised people that November would be the release date. I hope they don’t hate on me. We have to make this perfect. expect this to be the biggest series to ever be released on the web. We have to make it right. I have bled for this more than I could’ve expected so I guess the delivery better bleed as much for the viewer. I get it, I hope the waiting public do.

I thought about meeting up with someone but I get burned out dealing with a lot of humans. They say they are going to make you feel alive but they mostly make me feel sick. I’ve become cynical over the years. I have come to wonder if I’ll ever have anything in me to allow anyone to come close. There are a lot of animals walking theses countries trying to get in my way. They try to promise me the promise, but they fail to tell me that they drugged me momentarily to have me realize their worth….which turns into worthlessness when I come around. The words make me feel like I’m days away from dying. But they don’t know how I feel, but that doesn’t stop them from thinking that they do. They can only use their perception and characteristic template as a relative point. Its usually nothing near mine. There is only one thing we can agree on, and that’s to disagree.

Years ago I would’ve puked, turned on the music, had a drink and begun crying. Not now though. The weights have filled my veins with progressive resolve and days of grace. Its built me pride of the punishment and given me a grip of rage that I can shoot at will. When I am low on energy, motivation or inspiration the weights hand me a desire to destroy complacency, depression, excuse, expectation and fight the cheating life that leaks outside these walls. I make my workouts look tired to even watch, but its better than being weak to life and letting it exhaust me to death. The resistance gives me the chance to rise straighter and stronger, so I take its hand.

9 more days of filming are ahead of me. I try to keep my KAGED MUSCLE character within the confines of the gym as much as possible between now and then but its getting harder. He keeps shaking the cage wanting out all the time. I spoke to my father on the phone earlier. He encouraged me to keep cool, calm and the eyes to the floor, only to let it out in the gym. It’s the only way I can stamp my authority and deliver on my purpose and promise. I know I will. I would never let him down. 9 more days.

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