Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 66

The last two days should have made you feel like you were hit with a wrecking ball. That's why you're taking this active recovery day. Use it well!

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Don't forget to do your 30 minutes of cardio today. You may not want to, but it will actually help your muscles recover and make you feel better tomorrow.

Today, Gethin touches on supplementation and budgeting. If you're worried about how to afford the supplements and food to be successful, you need to watch the video.

Day 66 ACtive Rest
Watch The Video - 5:39

Gethin performs his abdominal exercises today instead of on the upcoming shoulder day. If you feel like you'd rather get your ab work done today instead of later in the week, follow Kris's lead!

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My first task past my emails and meals this morning took a turn. My massage therapist messaged me saying that he was running 30 minutes late because he had just woken up. What the **** is up with that. If I did this to people I wouldn’t be able to live with myself and I would certainly be out of a job…or jobs. This isn’t the first time. I refused the massage. He asked me again to delay my schedule by 30 minutes. I cannot do that. I will not budge my schedule. My world and my sanity depend on schedule, respect, discipline and prompt timelines. If will not allow people to control my environment and try to interfere with my program. He is now rescheduled for tomorrow at 6 O’clock. I hope he is on schedule because my body needs the therapy.

We filmed some segments of my cardio, cycling around the city and then the piercing of my septum. I tried to describe how the pain becomes therapeutic. I also tried to explain that both pain and pleasure could coexist. It’s how I view my training. I don’t know if I explained myself well enough for people to understand. I don’t think many ever will.

The rest of the day was made up with emails, messages and planning more content, particularly weekend content for the remaining of the video trainer.

We have the final labels set for the KAGED MUSCLE line. I will be ready to release some products late next month but not all of them. I am 100% happy with the effectiveness and the premium class purity of the ingredients of some but I still need to undergo more testing before I can put my guarantee on the others. I would love to have them all ready for the people to take when this video series launches but I don’t think that will happen. I have to ensure that the products are the absolute best I have experienced for effectiveness, purity and safety before even contemplating their release.

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