Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 38

Realize that you can strike a comfortable balance between the demands of day-to-day life and your fitness program. Learn how to achieve that sense of balance with tips from Kris Gethin!

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In today's video, you'll learn the importance of including fitness in your daily life. Training shouldn't stop you from spending time with family or enjoying a meal out with friends. You'll learn how to order out to meet your macros for protein, carbs, and fat—sans oil, butter, and sauce. Kris will even throw in foods to eat that contain digestive enzymes that help you break down your food and better fuel your muscles.

You'll even learn how a busy, on-the-go mom can fit high-intensity sprints into her day and make fitness fun for the whole family. Remember, fitness isn't just about vanity or looks. Your overall health and well-being are of the utmost importance. Now run, bike, or catch some waves!

Day 38 Cardio
Watch The Video - 10:42

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Today felt like a 13th floor that didn’t exist. A 29th day in Feb. It was impaired. It was a non-training day during the week. Dorian Yates had instructed that I take a day off to allow my body to regroup following the intense carnage of the past two days of HIT. Because of this I felt unbalanced like the ocean line was tilted on its side.

The day was still filled with a filming schedule. I took an early morning massage. While that was happening, I had various people come in and show me my KAGED MUSCLE T-shirt printed and DTP accessories. It was hard to converse with people by having meetings in my bedroom while I was experiencing the intense pain of the massage. I was never good at multitasking but I think they understood what I was getting at

Straight after that, Lydia and I were filmed eating breakfast at a nearby restaurant. The camera crew took their time shooting sequences so the food was cold by the time we came to eat it. I called it out the cameraman on while we were being filmed of his delay. Hes a character and I want his personality on the end reel. I have to use this time to be a little lighthearted if possible. I know that the crews think different of me because they don’t see this from me in the gym. I don’t see them at these times. Im blind to them through the burn of my workouts. They are deaf to my personality because its left at home when I head to the gym. I have to let one decay if the other is to fight for survive at this time.

Following this we headed home to get changed and then straight back out for the filming of the cardio to be performed on the active rest days. We did hill sprints. Lydia kicked my ass at this, and let it be known. It could hardly be hidden from the cameras but she was keen to magnify its presence. I couldn’t blame her – I was shattered. Lactic acid burned my flesh and my left hamstring felt like a clutching child was asphyxiating it. I justified my exhaustion by the massive load of muscle I carries and oxygen requirement to feed them. It didn’t work.

After 20 or so mins of asthmatic activity, we headed back, got changed and then went out again to shoot at another restaurant. The motivation behind it is to show the viewer how to order the correct way while following this program and not having to stay home in confinement in order to experience physical refinement.

I went through 21 pages of my upcoming Graphic Novel that will be released at the Comic con convention in Delhi next year. It reads really well and I am looking forward to smelling the pages when its birth arrives in my hands. I have a Men’s Health column to write, around 38 emails and prep all my food, supplements and clothes for tomorrows gym departure.

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