Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 2

You destroyed your legs yesterday. Now it's time to do the same to your chest and triceps with another Y3T workout!

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Even if your legs are dragging from yesterday's workout, you still need to get into the gym! Today, you'll follow Kris as he absolutely hammers his chest and triceps. Use his hard work in the gym as inspiration to crush your own training session!

In this video, you'll get a little peek into Kris's mindset. Although he feels frustrated at his strength levels, he digs deep and turns that frustration into positive energy.

Day 2 CHest and Triceps
Watch The Video - 13:08

Workout notes

  • Before going into any shoulder or chest activity, warm up with some light rotator cuff exercises.
  • If you manage to only scrape out 8 reps on the first set of an exercise that calls for 8-12, drop the weight so you hit failure in the proper rep range.
  • During the negative portion of your reps, slow down. Make each negative take about three seconds. Then, explode out of the hole!
  • Take a few minutes of rest when transitioning between the chest and triceps exercises.
Chest and Triceps

Incline Dumbbell Press

3 sets of 8-12 reps
Incline Dumbbell Press Incline Dumbbell Press


Dumbbell Bench Press

3 sets of 8-12 reps
Dumbbell Bench Press Dumbbell Bench Press


Incline Dumbbell Flyes

3 sets of 8-12 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flyes Incline Dumbbell Flyes


Dips - Triceps Version

3 sets of 8-12 reps
Dips - Triceps Version Dips - Triceps Version


Triceps Pushdown

3 sets of 8-12 reps
Triceps Pushdown Triceps Pushdown

Kneeling Cable Triceps Extension Kneeling Cable Triceps Extension



15-minute intervals: 3 min. easy, 1 min. hard
Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill

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Read Gethin's Blog!

Click here to go inside the mind of Kris Gethin


I am pretty beat up. I feel I could sleep some more…but I never can. My mind always has too much in its mind. My legs aren’t anywhere near as sore as I expected them to be. I think I have mentally prepared for much worse. I have an unrelenting drive towards the pain, so I always want more than I can get. Maybe the Crossfit loosened me up. Ever since I have implemented more cardio into my daily regimes, especially post workout, I have been able to better recover. It gives me an all access pass to drive my body further today. I have 12 chest and triceps left over the next 83 episodes. I wont be counting the reps and sets, but I am going to make every one of them count and I am going to make sure I pay for every one of them. I’ll pay the highest price so I don’t disappoint the viewer and leave them short changed. They put me here. I need to take responsibility of not letting anyone else in and giving him or her full reason for my residence. I’m not going anywhere. I have the fight to kick life into my rules.

Today, tomorrow and the 81 days that follow are my shots at importance and purpose. I need to run into each one of those walls with ferocity. Mayhem, pain and manifestation isn’t something I will be running after or looking for. I have been holding those ****ers captive and they are coming with me. I am going to throw them at life every day. If I keep smashing them at any barrier put in front of me, they will stick.


So far I have eaten 20 egg whites and gluten free oats, 2 portions of salmon with sweet potato, basa fish and couscous, and a protein shake. I have another salmon and steak meal to go.

Chest and triceps are done. My patience is done. The workout was okay but I was frustrated because the weights that I used to warm up with were breaking me at failure. I got over it by the time I got to the 3rd exercise. I had to remind myself of what Neil Hill told me about week one – 3 second negative and blast out of the hole. I did that and by forgetting about the numbers on the dumbbells. I lost myself deep into my muscle fibers, seeing my blood cells rush as the adrenaline kicked in, and I felt all my fears, tears hatred and anger get used as an internal combustion of fiber recruitment. It did the job, and I ensured that plenty of rest/pause principles set the tone to failure. Only if I fail will I succeed. I failed.

I’ve been on edge over some things for a while….and they were hitting peaks over the past couple of days, today in particular. I am going to get under a few peoples shirts by saying this but **** it. I’m getting annoyed by people sending me messages saying ‘whats up’, ‘hey’, ‘how are you going’, ‘whats new’ and all that bull****. I know these people well so I know there is a purpose to the message. So, why not get straight to the point? Everyone probably thinks I am uptight, and I probably am, but if it means being uptight is the alternative to wasting peoples precious time with weak talk, then **** it, I’ll be uptight. I’m not wired or have a circuit board that can waste time. These people are great and most are my friends, but if you have enough people pass you on the street asking the exact same thing daily, however nice it may be, its going to get you riled up. I guess I am venting to this blog – that’s not weird.

What accompanies these messages that work me just as much are emojis (I believe that’s what they are called). You know, the child like icons that people feel the need to send in every message. Look, I’m not pink, fluffy, cuddly, and after reading this paragraph, probably not very likeable. Do I look like a candidate for these icons showing pink cheeks and ****ing monkeys with their hands covering their mouths and ears? Or should I take it as a compliment that people pass me off for someone who’s 12. From a female, I can let these icons slide…for a while, but from a man….come on! I was brought up on a farm in a tough, mans, blue collared, hard ass environment. If I watched my father receive one of these things from a fellow man, I am sure his circuits would spark out of confusion and disarray. Phew. I am uptight but **** it. I have a lot of hang-ups I know but at least I don’t harm people. Keep sending these messages though and I’ll take that back.

7:20pm Wow. I just had a session with a lifecoach. It was cool. I like how this particular person conducts her profession. Its very different from what I had seen in the general sense in western countries. Her approach was very spiritual and meditative. I dig that. I know its what I need. I think my previous paragraph prior to this session exploited that. I’m not allowed to talk to anyone for the rest of the night (that would be unlikely anywa

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