Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer: Training Overview

Steel your mind and get ready for war. Kris Gethin is about to guide you through the various training systems you'll use over the next 12 weeks to build maximum muscle.

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You asked; Gethin answered. You wanted to know how to build an extreme amount of size in 12 weeks, and Gethin has your plan. Prepare yourself for 84 daily videos, epic workouts, and Kris Gethin at his most intense and personal. Eat, train, and grow with him—again.

Gethin knows the ins and outs of building muscle. He knows how to break it, rebuild it, and grow it. He knows the right training strategies to use in the gym to elicit maximum growth, and he's your personal trainer for the next 12 weeks. Let's grow.

GMBT Training
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Gethin built the Muscle-Building Trainer over the course of 15 years of working with some of the world's best experts and athletes like Neil Hill, Dorian Yates, Branch Warren, Hany Rambod, James "Flex" Lewis, and Jay Cutler. The training strategies and workouts within have been tested and perfected on Kris's many clients around the world, and on his own physique.

If you know Kris, you know that his approach to training is as much mental as physical. He will reveal your limits and push you beyond them. You'll experience a transformation that no mirror can fully capture—but have no doubt; what you see will change dramatically.

If you know Kris, you know that his approach to training is as much mental as physical. He will reveal your limits and push you beyond them.

Just like in the original Kris Gethin Hardcore Trainer, you're going to be training alongside with Kris, following his nutrition plan, his supplement plan, and absorbing his singular mindset through daily videos. If intensity is what you seek, you've come to the right place.


Over the next 12 weeks, your mission is to annihilate the old you and stimulate all the mechanisms that will grow the new you. Type 1, type 2a, type 2b—no muscle fiber will be spared. Each of your body's energy systems will be tapped into until it taps out, leaving you with the only energy source that truly matters—your will. What you know about concepts like training intensity and volume will be challenged, cast aside, and redefined.

What's the split, you ask? There's no simple answer. It will change and grow as Kris works through five microcycles inspired by the greatest muscle-building philosophies of recent decades.

What you know about concepts like training intensity and volume will be challenged, cast aside, and redefined.

You'll get a workout on each and every training day page, so you'll encounter most of the specifics as you go through the program. However, over the next 12 weeks, your training program will be broken down into these broad strategies:

Weeks 1-3 Y3T

Y3T is the brainchild of Neil "Yoda" Hill, a bodybuilding legend who's training techniques have helped craft the physique of three-time Olympia 212 champ James "Flex" Lewis, among many others.

If you followed Hill's immensely popular Y3T 9-week Hardcore Trainer, these three weeks will be like coming home—and setting your house on fire. The Y3T method is built around three-week cycles of varying intensity, rep ranges, and rest periods—or lack thereof.

For the first week, you'll work in a relatively low rep range of around 8 repetitions. For the second week, you'll step up to around 12 repetitions. Week three, however, is the legendary "annihilation week," where you'll use dropsets and other set-extending techniques to push the volume even higher.

Week 4 FST-7

FST, which stands for "fascia-stretch training" is a revered training system created by Kris's good friend Hany "The Pro Creator" Rambod, who makes an appearance in the daily videos at the end of Week 3.

FST-7 is all about creating more space for your muscles to grow, then filling that space with high-volume training. In this training method, you will stretch the fascia—the sheath around your muscle fibers—while contracting the target muscle between every set.

At the beginning or end of each workout, you'll focus on one muscle group, or one exercise, and perform seven grueling back-to-back sets.

Week 5 German volume training (GVT)

Variations of what has become known as "German volume training" have been around for decades. What each variation shares is utterly punishing amounts of volume. The magic number is 100 reps, or 10 sets of 10 reps on each muscle group. Keep a partner on hand to count your sets and reps for you because, by the end, you might forget where you are.

Week 6 High-Intensity Training (HIT)

It's been over four years since Dorian Yates stomped into the states and subjected Kris to the simple brutality that is HIT, or high-intensity training. The short-term result was's 6-week Blood and Guts trainer, but the impression left on Kris has lasted far longer.

After the high-volume onslaught of GVT, it might be difficult to wrap your mind around the idea of performing only one no-holds-barred working set for each movement. But that set will teach you a lot about how far you've come in the previous six weeks.

Weeks 7-12 DTP variations

This is the Promised Land. For the last six weeks of this program, you'll be following the principles of DTP and DTPXtreme, which are the culmination of Kris's work in the Hardcore Trainer and DTP: Four Weeks to Maximum Muscle. You'll encounter a lot of volume alongside extremely heavy weights, a brutal combination that will put your body in a perfect anabolic state.

As if the coupling of high volume and high intensity wasn't enough, when it comes to DTPXtreme you'll also have to face rest periods tied to the number of reps you perform. So, if you were to knock out 50 reps, you'd get only 50 seconds of rest. Expect to be sore, expect to be tired, and expect to push your limits.

Close-Grip Seated Cable Row


In the original Gethin Hardcore Trainer, steady-state cardio was the name of the game. That worked wonders for many looking to slim down while adding muscle. But the intensity of the Muscle-Building Trainer calls for a more forceful approach.

You'll be putting on weight during this trainer, and research in recent years has shown that high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, can help maximize fat loss with a minimum of muscle loss. In fact, it can even help add extra muscle.

You'll perform a short HIIT cardio session every day during the next 12 weeks—including rest days. When you look in the mirror on day 84, you'll know why.


We know you're eager to jump in, watch the first daily video, and begin your journey with Kris. But if you've ever achieved success with him in the past, you know it's crucial to start with all the information at your disposal. Before you start with this muscle-building plan, make sure you also watch the Program Overview, the Nutrition Overview, and the Supplement Overview.

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