Kris Gethin 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Week 6: Day 37!

Follow Kris as he takes you and himself through a 12-week transformation. Kris gives some input on the benefits of free weights and machines.

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Today is another rest day, and Kris goes over the differences between free weights and machines!

Week 6, Day 37: Free Weights Vs. Machines

Tips For This Rest Day

Free weights and machines are both good for building muscle, so make sure to use both types of weights for the best results!

The Benefits Of Free Weights
  • Activates both your primary and stabilizing muscles.
  • Supports building muscle and burning fat at the same time!
The Benefits Of Machines
  • Good for isolating certain muscles, allowing you to focus on your primary muscle development.
  • Selecting different weights is fast and convenient.
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