Kris Gethin 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Week 4: Day 22!

Follow Kris as he takes you and himself through a 12-week transformation. Kris is still on the road, and he's giving you some tips on eating clean and exercising while in hotels.

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Relax, have some breakfast with Kris, and learn how you can make any hotel your cardio castle!

Week 4, Day 22: Exercising and Eating at the Hotel

  • Your pre-cardio supplements should be green tea, L-carnitine and yohimbe.
  • After your cardio, take your multivitamin with your second meal of the day.
  • If the continental breakfast doesn't have food that fits in your diet, don't eat it.
  • Schedule a wake-up call with the hotel and make sure you don't miss your training. You may be busy, but there's no time to take a step backward.

Take the diet plan with you!
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