Kris Gethin 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Week 1

Start your 12-week journey today! Get ready to get hardcore with the Kris Gethin 12-Week Daily Trainer!

Day 1: Legs

Join Kris for your first workout and destroy your hamstrings and quads! Plus, get Kris's secrets to maximizing your lifts!

Day 2: Chest & Triceps

Blast your chest and triceps with Kris and learn how to get the ultimate mind-muscle connection to fire up your intensity in the gym!

Day 3: Nutrition & Shopping List

Kris takes a trip to the grocery store to buy mountains of lean, clean food. Kris gives diet and cooking tips you'll need to succeed!

Day 4: Back & Biceps

Kris takes you through a muscle-tearing FST-7 workout and gives you the secrets to new training techniques.

Day 5: Shoulders, Calves & Abs

Start cranking up the intensity with Kris as he trains you on supersets that will obliterate your shoulders, calves and abs.

Day 6: Muscle Anatomy

Take it easy on your rest day, stretch and recover - Kris talks about anatomy basics you need to know to improve your workouts.

Day 7: Legs

Kill your legs and finish week 1 with a mega-superset workout! Plus, Kris gives his advice on muscle pain versus joint pain.