The 9th Annual 911 Fitness Challenge! What Is It & How Can I Get Involved?

The Fitness Challenge is a 12 week competition that take place in January 2007. Eligible members may include Active or Retired Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS, Military, Corrections, Nurses, Physicians, etc. Get the latest info right here!

The 9th annual 911 Fitness Challenge is scheduled to begin in January, 2007. The Fitness Challenge is a 12 week competition in which members of the 911 Community create teams and compete against one another to lose the most body fat while gaining the most muscle mass for a $5,000.00 prize in each region!

Eligible members may include Active or Retired Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS, Military, Corrections, Nurses, Physicians, anyone else involved in the 911 responder category, and their spouses. Teams consist of 3-5 members.

Proceeds benefit the Children's Shriner Hospital, which provides FREE services to children who suffer from physical disabilities or severe burns.

Jim Sayih, the "Toughest Cop Alive," initiated this challenge 9 years ago and has overseen its amazing growth since then. The program encourages public safety employees to learn about and maintain a healthier, fitter lifestyle. This is important not only for their capabilities to do the job, but also for their responsibilities as role models.

Childhood Dream

Every man I know used to be a little boy who once said, "When I grow up, I'm gonna be a fireman!" (or a policeman). It's easy to understand how a child would dream of being a hero, and I've been wondering what happens to make a child lose that dream, and for those that don't, what keeps it alive.

Training Properly For Police Officers. Training Properly For Police Officers.
As a police officer it is very important to stay in shape because the type of work we do is extremely hazardous. Get an idea and a sample workout of what should be done in this article.
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There has to be a certain level of persistence, dedication, and motivation for a child's dream to become a reality.

  • Persistence, because life provides many set-backs and unexpected twists.

  • Dedication, because there are always distractions.

  • Motivation because there are easier paths to follow.

Maintaining A Balanced Focus With Long-term Motivation! Maintaining Focus With Long-term Motivation!
Bodybuilding is a brutal sport, and I don't just mean physically. The mental aspect of this sport is very real and tough.
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These traits are crucial to success in any field, and can be used for personal success as well. I believe it is because our 911 Community in large possesses these traits that there has been such an overwhelming response to the 911 Fitness Challenge.

Fire Fighter
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Ladder 21.

These are men and women that never let their dreams die, that overcame personal and professional obstacles to give victory to the child they used to be. I believe that's why the 911 Fitness Challenge is now entering its 9th year.

Do You Someone Involved In 911 Response?


Support Your Heroes

I encourage anyone reading this to find out if this event exists in your area, and if it does, to rally around and support the efforts being made by your local heroes. If it doesn't, gather a few dedicated people, and arrange to have a 911 Fitness Challenge in your area next year. What community wouldn't benefit from leaner, stronger, more energized public servants and role models?

Fire Fighter
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Support Your Local Heroes.

To all the men and women who are planning on participating, I thank you for making the effort to improve yourself for all our benefits; my children thank you for giving them someone to look up to, and your community will thank you for giving the best of yourself.

The persistence, dedication and motivation each one of you possess can be put into play to bring about success in this upcoming challenge. I urge everyone involved in the 911 Fitness Challenge to renew your dedication to living a healthy life, to eat better and more wholesome foods and to exercise frequently.

Fire Fighter
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Thank You For Giving Us Someone To Look Up To.

Challenge your family members to exercise with you, especially your children. Let them see your persistence, dedication, and motivation, and teach them to find their own. Take a moment to feel proud of the life you're living, accept congratulations from the child you were.

Preparing For The Police Academy. Preparing For The Police Academy.
Just graduated from College, Josh Pedalino put aside all the excuses and poor judgment and embarked on a serious training, nutrition and supplementation program.
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Remember the dream you used to have, remember that the firefighter or officer you wanted to be wasn't soft and pudgy, but lean and hard. You've already done the hard part; the rest are details, and you've proven to yourself that you're up for anything. Allow yourself to live up to your every expectation, and when you go to bed each night, know that your dreams are already your reality.

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