New Year: A Time To Reflect!

As another year comes to an end, a new one appears on the horizon. Learn the importance of reflecting back and setting new goals for the upcoming year!

The end of the year and the beginning of the new year. Only once every 365 days do we look at our past and our future all at the same time. As if time has stopped for a moment to witness and look forward all in the same breath. This is a precious moment. A time for parties, family gatherings and other enjoyable social activities.

Looking Back

And then of course there is another side to us, (those not too unconscious) that assesses the past year and re-evaluate their gains and loses. There are those of us that look back and understand their failures and successes and where one needs to improve. Nature gives us a few wonderful gifts (abilities). Memory and the ability to forget and forgiveness.

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Memory is great because whether you move ahead or fall back that memory is for learning. A tool to the future. The ability to forget is wonderful, Nature's gift to forget gives us new possibilities and helps us create new realities in the future. Learn and move on.

Forgiveness in some form or another must be experienced or you will ly in guilt and repeat your mistakes. So look back upon this past year, forget sorrow, forgive yourself and become aware of the New year.

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Look Back Upon This Last Year.

For many the year end is a time for introspection, and from this self analysis comes forth the vision into the future. From the experiences of the past year, and the present moment awareness (now), you will pave your road called the future. From the plateau of present moment awareness and the wisdom of the past we create the future. Through honest introspection we can ensure the path of purity success.

All cultures have celebrated the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. Like life and death, the old makes room for the new and the new become the old. A forever cycle, ancient and inexhaustible. The past does not equal the future. Just because last year wasn't what you expected does not mean that this year has to be the same.

"Life has magic; the story of our lives can
change with the next moment."

More than any other external obstacles, our limited, distorted self-concept hold our life's possibilities hostage. By breaking free of limited concepts about our capacities, we find the power to take control and to write our own story. Turning a tragedy or drama into a joyous adventure.

The New Year!

The bright shining ever changing tomorrow. Like the sun that rises every day, rise above yourself and awaken to a new and wondrous beginning. Few people in this world know what their real strength is. Many see only the part of their power that floats like the visible segment of an iceberg and forget the vastly greater part sunk beneath the surface of the water.

Lighten the boat, don't drag your mistakes and regrets into the future, wake up and rise. Express your intentions (goals) daily. Balance the body, lighten the mind and open the heart. Detoxify and purify the body and experience greater energy and awareness.

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Develop a stronger connection between your conscious self, basic self, and higher self. Planning is bringing the future into the present so you an do something about it NOW.

When health is absent, wisdom can not reveal itself, art can not become manifest, strength can not work, wealth becomes useless and intelligence can not be applied. In you lies the secret to making all your dreams come true. Be as happy as you can, think less, feel more. There is no one that can make a greater miracle for you than you.

"Ten thousand flowers in spring time,
A cool breeze in the summer
The moon in autumn,
Snow in the winter.
If your mind is not too cluttered with unnecessary things,
This is the best season of your life."

-Wu Wein