King Kamali Interview!

His name is King Kamali and he is one of the newest IFBB Pros, ready to take on the ranks at the 2001 IRONMAN and Arnold Classic.
Hello dear friends. Today I have the opportunity to interview a bodybuilder that wants to make major damage in all the pro shows that he will compete in. His name is King Kamali and he is one of the newest IFBB Pros, ready to take on the ranks at the 2001 IRONMAN and Arnold Classic.

His nickname is "Terminator" and you can easily understand this nickname when looking at his pictures.

As a competitive bodybuilder, he has been the featured guest poser and/or honored speaker at several local, regional, and national competitions, where his distinctive one of a kind posing and knowledge of kinesiology and sports nutrition have been utilized. He truly loves the sport of bodybuilding and has spent many years training and studying to become an expert on this subject.

Even with all of the ups and downs that come with the iron sport, he has become even more involved with this wonderful and brutal sport and King Kamali has discovered that his enthusiasm has steadily increased.

Although King Kamali is a new professional in the IFBB, he has already built a strong fan base and he will do his best to stay true to the hardcore bodybuilding community.

King Kamali's Interview!

[ Q ] King, in just a few weeks you will compete in the very prestigious lFBB lronman Pro lnvitational, and

shortly later, in the Arnold Classic which is the second most important bodybuilding show on earth. What do you expect from these two bodybuilding competitions, and with what place, in both shows, would you feel satisfied with yourself?

    K.K. I expect to be at my absolute best for the Ironman Pro. This is my Pro debut, and in my opinion, a very strong showing will push me to the head of the pack as far as the new professionals go. I'm not even considering the top ten in the world as of now.

    My mission is to push Chris Cormier & Lee Priest to the limits at the Ironman and bring the house down at the Arnold.

    Top 5 at the Classic and I will satisfied. The most important factor is that I need to get a major sponsor after these two shows. I will not compete again without one!

[ Q ] I will continue my questions by talking a little bit more about the two contests you will compete in. I saw on your site that you "warn" your opponents about your current condition which you referred to as "bone dry", even though you are 4 weeks away from your first show. I also observed that every 2 weeks you put some new pics on your site in order for everyone to see your current condition. Do you believe that this is the right "tactics of the game"? Since every one of your opponents can see how you look now, just a few weeks before the show, do you think that you might "risk" too much by revealing your current condition sooner than you should?

    K.K. That is just my personality coming out. I did my homework since the 1999 Nationals and accomplished my goal of adding an additional 20 - 25 pounds of lean muscle for my Pro debut. During the past couple of years I had the opportunity to meet all the top Pros in the world. Through personal conversations, rumors, magazines, and Mr. know everything himself Chad Nicholls, I realized that 95% of my competitors do not suffer half as much as I do. Most are satisfied that they are now professionals and that their genetics will take over from this point on.

    And let's not forget about all the trash talking one hears before big shows.... so and so is 320 pounds hard, this guy is shredded at 5 weeks out, that guy only diets for 4 weeks because his metabolism is too high, etc...... BULLSHIT! Most of them f*** around the entire off-season and crash diet to get ready for a show. Then at the last minute call Chad and beg him to "dry them out". So, I wanted to show the world that there are some people who do start their diet 16 weeks out, do their cardio everyday, practice their posing, and transform their physique slowly and correctly without resorting to drastic and dangerous methods.

    My "ROAD TO...." pics were also a great addition to my web site. My fans love it and so do most bodybuilding enthusiasts all over the world. I have put the fear of God in some of the Pros out there and the best thing is that there is nothing they can do about it. I'm 4 weeks out and looking great and will look just that much better as the weeks go by.

[ Q ] I read in your site that your training style is like powerlifting and bodybuilding. (More precisely you named it "powerbuilding"). A few lines later you say: "Never ever sacrifice quantity for quality. Be real with the poundages you use. Don't be a guest poser in the gym, trying to show-off will only result in serious injuries, and that is the biggest downfall for all bodybuilders trying to make big gains". About this statement, I would like to ask you, how "careful" can someone be in order to avoid injuries when he is doing 800 pound deadlifts for reps as you have mentioned you are able to lift?

    K.K. Some bodybuilders look strong but in actuality they are not. And then there are some who are as strong as they look: I am one of them. My prominent strength has always been an asset to me but there have been some times, when I was younger, when it has also gotten me into some trouble from time to time. One should never try to show off in the gym. Technique is very important but then again so is going heavy to pack on the mass. That is why I use reliable and experienced training partners when I train. I go very heavy and they keep me moving through the entire set. It has worked for me and kept me injury free to this point.

    As far as the 800 pound deadlifts go, I am shooting a hardcore training video that highlights King Kamali style training. Super heavy training is a part of my program and I also wanted to show my fans how to blast out heavy weights with proper form, and I did.

[ Q ] If you had the opportunity to change only one thing in the sport of bodybuilding in order to make it even more well-known to the public what would it be and why?

    K.K. The problem with Professional bodybuilding is very obvious to me. Lack of respect! We need to form a union of some sort setting minimum standards for all IFBB Pros. We work harder then any other Pro athlete in the world yet we get paid nothing!! $120,000.00 for first prize at the premier bodybuilding show in the world..... are you kidding me!?! There are skateboarders who make more than that. And how many Pros do you know who have to maintain a "regular" job to make things end. It's f***ing embarrassing. I could not begin to tell you the nonsense I have heard in the past 2 years, especially from the supplement companies. They have all the money in the world but dish out nothing to the athletes... and do you want to know why? Because we let them!

    I promise you, if we all got together and said enough is enough they will cave in. Without the Pros endorsing their products they have no products... and they know this, but, when you can approach some top amateur or desperate pro and offer them free supplements and their face in the magazines, they will jump at the opportunity and that kills it for us.

    When I turned Pro, EVERYONE told me not to charge more then $500.00 to $800.00 for guest posing. They said no one will hire me for anything more than that.... PLEASE. and I am suppose to be the best poser in bodybuilding. I did not listen and set my standards much higher than what was recommended, and you know what, it worked. Supply and demand, it's worked from day one and it will keep working. I will make my mark at the Arnold Classic and I promise they will come with the offers, but, I will not accept anything that I would feel is disrespectful as a professional athlete. I proved to myself and the world that I can do it on my own but there does come a time where enough is enough.

[ Q ] Ok, it's time for my last question to you King. From what I know, you are training very hard for your current contests, you are eating plenty of protein, you are sleeping around 8-10 hours every day, but what about your supplementation? What supplements do you currently use and trust?

    K.K. Here is a break down of the supplements I use:

    ISS Research Complete Whey
    Nitro-Fuel from Twinlab
    Mega Liquid L-Carnitine from Twinlab
    Hydroxycut from MuscleTech
    Ripped-Fuel from Twinlab
    Jacked from DNA (Chad Nicholls new line)
    BCAA's from SportPharma
    FFAA's from Ultimate Nutrition
    Z-Mass from Cytodyne Tech.
    Glutamine from Champion Nutrition
    Therajoint from Iss Research
    Yohimbe Fuel from Twinlab
    Vitamin E
    and tons of water.


    Check out his GREAT web page at: There are hundreds of photos, training guides, personal and contest history, and much more! You can contact him at:

    King Kamali
    PO Box 401
    Dunn Loring, VA, 22027

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a photo of him for only $10 (plus $2 shipping), as well as his video production "The Road To Be King" which will be released March of 2001. (During the Arnold Classic Weekend Expo) Check out his site for more information!

    I would like to thank King very much for the time that he spent giving this interview. I wish him good luck in the Ironman and Arnold Classic, and I hope after he competes in these two shows I will again have the opportunity for an even more "revealing" interview with him.

Till my next interview, take care all.