Creating An Image: Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals!

Perhaps the most important decision you will make is how you will approach the industry in terms of the image you want to project. Let's take a closer look at some of those options, with examples ... Read on and see where you fit.
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Creating An Image For Yourself:
Setting Realistic Goals & Then Accomplishing Those Goals.

Now that you have decided to take your success in the fitness industry and bring it to the next level, or to parlay your fame into the exciting world of the entertainment industry, you will have to make a few decisions, and then think carefully in order to set and then accomplish your goals.

Perhaps the most important decision you will make is how you will approach the industry in terms of the image that you will want to project for yourself. Once you have decided what kind of image is right for you, then you will have a good idea how to proceed. Generally, most women project the image that they feel comfortable with.

For example, some women exude great sex appeal. Others who come from an athletic and tomboy background will project more of a purely athletic look, while others might have a dance background and they project an elegant, sleek appearance. Let's take a closer look at some of those options, with examples of each kind.

Women's Image Types

The Bombshell

    This type of image is for women who are much at ease and secure with their sexuality. Of course, in the 21st century, the world has become much more open about sexuality, and what is shown in the media has changed somewhat dramatically.

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Melissa Dettwiller & Randi Post.

    Two of the early women in bodybuilding and fitness were Penny Price and Lori Bowen. Both of them had physiques that were lush and curvy and they dressed in a classy way, but they were not afraid about showing off their body in a more provocative way.

    Current examples of a 'bombshell' would be top NPC bodybuilder Melissa Dettwiller, and NPC figure competitor Randi Post. Both of these ladies are great athletes and exude sex appeal.

An Interview With Buff Doll Melissa Dettwiller An Interview With Buff Doll Melissa Dettwiller.
Here is an interview with a great women, who, with the help of a great body, will try to get back a good name for female bodybuilders.
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The Girl-Next-Door

    The 'girl-next-door' image is going to be a woman who has a sweet, down-to-earth persona, and could be described as cute and adorable. She is like the girl who was your high school sweetheart. She might have been the homecoming queen, or the captain of the cheerleaders.

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Laurie Vaniman & Cathy Nordyke.

    The photos or work she will feel most comfortable with will be more conservative compared to the Bombshell. She will appeal to more of a mainstream audience, and will have a look that is more popular and attainable. A perfect example of the girl-next-door from the fitness industry would be IFBB Fitness Pro Laurie Vaniman or NPC figure model Cathy Nordyke.

An Interview With Cathy Nordyke An Interview With Cathy Nordyke.
I met Cathy at this year's Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. She was kind enough to answer a few questions in between her training for the Ohio State Bodybuilding & Figure Championships.
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The Exotic Beauty

    The 'exotic' image would be for women who may have an ethnic look that gives them an exotic look. I have found that women whose parents are ethnically diverse can be the most exotic. There are also women who are not ethnically diverse who have an exotic look.

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Timea Majorova & Brenda Kelly.

    For example, Timea Majorova is one of the most beautiful women, and one of the most exotic. Timea has a Hungarian parent, and her other parent is from the Czech Republic, but both parents are Slavic. An example of an exotic woman, however, with an ethnic mix would be Brenda Kelly, who is half Japanese and half Irish.

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The Wholesome Natural Beauty

    The 'wholesome natural beauty' is a woman who is naturally beautiful, and has a sleek proportionate body. This woman can get away with wearing a minimum of makeup. Her body is so well-proportioned that she can blend well in a commercial or ad. In some ways, she is a different version of the girl-next-door.

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Pauline Nordin & Angie Picarello.
Photos by Bill Comstock and Pavel Ythjall, respectively.

    As examples of women who are perfect examples of the wholesome natural beauty, I offer IFBB Figure Pro Pauline Nordin, and NPC figure competitor Angie Picarello. Both of them are stunningly beautiful with virtually no makeup. This type of image is for women who are genetically blessed with classical beauty.

Image Overview

I have just presented 4 examples of an image that a woman can present, although there are others. There are also women who combine some of the characteristics of 2 or more images. Of course, the image that you decide upon will determine how you will market yourself, and also decide how you will proceed in the entertainment industry.

A woman who is a bombshell will go after film and television roles that are more provocative. She might audition for a new version of "Sex in the City" or she might have auditioned for the remake of "Sliver," the film starring Sharon Stone.

For a girl-next-door type, auditioning for a Disney or family film might be more their speed. Of course, your agent will help you determine which type of image is best for you, and will also help you select the proper photos that will represent you in order to find the right work for you.

Setting & Achieving Goals

Setting and achieving goals may be the most important skill that you will ever need to navigate the world. It is something you will need to use in every part of your life. Here is another life lesson nugget: If you don't have goals, you will never accomplish much.

You need to sit down and think about exactly what you want to accomplish. You also have to make realistic goals. For example, if your goal were to be a star in the NBA and you are only 4-foot-7, believe me, it ain't gonna happen.

As a goal on how you want your body to look, if you are genetically a mesomorph, you will never be built like model Kate Moss. I will be talking about goal setting in future columns relating to other areas.

What Is A Mesomorph?
Mesomorph is a human body type. Mesomorphs have hard, muscular bodies, an overly mature appearance, rectangular-shaped bodies, thick skin, upright posture, and they gain or lose weight easily while growing muscle quickly. Mesomorphs are usually very athletic looking and symmetric. Click here to learn more about body types.

Let's get into goal setting in terms of your image and how to achieve your goals in marketing and/or a career in the entertainment industry.

As with all goals, you will need long-term goals, short-term goals, and even very-short-term goals. You will need to make them attainable and that is where being realistic comes into play.

In order for you to gain confidence, it is best to make goals that you can achieve with a little work. As you advance, you will learn to challenge yourself to make your goals a little more difficult to achieve.

Some Examples:

  • Very Short Term: Signing up for an acting class.
  • Short Term: Going out on your first audition.
  • Long Term: Getting your first part in a film or T.V. show.

Once you have picked out the image that you want to project for yourself, the first thing you will need to do is to give yourself the proper tools to pursue those goals.

That means that you will have to select the right photos, which will make it easier to get the auditions for print ads, commercials or parts in film or television. Your image will also dictate how you will dress, look out in public, and look for auditions. This is vitally important early in your career.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

Is Your Goal Not Listed?
Click Here To Learn More About Goal Setting.

For those looking to become television or film stars, once you are established, you may want to diversify the roles you get, which means that you will not want to play parts that project your particular image. As an example, look at superstar Charlize Theron. She was a gorgeous model before she appeared in her first film part.

Once she became comfortable as an actress, and developed a strong résumé, she decided to do the part which earned her first Academy Award, namely "Monster" in which she played a part that was about as far from her image as she can get.

This comes after you are a famous actress and the industry knows that you have the acting chops to do any role. You will need to start out with the image that you are comfortable with and can do confidently.

Next month: Resumes and Comp Cards - What to put on them, and what not to put on them.

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