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Improve Your Behind The Sensible Way With Dave Kirsch, Author Of The Butt Book!

David Kirsch provides some pointers on how to develop your own perfect butt. Read on if your derriere needs a boost!

One area people tend to fall behind on when aiming to develop a complete physique is the butt. Not readily visible unless you have an extra long neck and an extra large posterior, the butt is one body part that is usually not noticeable, until it is too late.

But can't this area be worked during the course of regular leg training? Yes and no. It can be worked to a degree, but overemphasize target movements and it can become too big, neglect the required exercises and it might remain small or flabby, or both.

Dispelling the myth that to spot reduce (in the case of a large flabby @ss) cannot be done, and charting a new course to the ideal butt for one's unique body type is David Kirsch, personal training expert and book author. With his Butt Book he provides excellent advice on how to craft the perfect posterior while reducing unsightly flab in this area.

On the beach or in clothing, nothing quite attracts attention like a well-formed butt. When it comes time to reveal what we have left behind, however, many of us are more likely to remain covered up.

A large, fat @ss is a sure sign of bodily neglect and a well-developed, toned one shows pride in one's appearance. Even top professional bodybuilders are often known for their "ripped glutes."

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Episode 2: Buttblasters Workout!

In the following interview David Kirsch provides some pointers on how to develop your own perfect butt. Are you a string bean (no hips, no butt), a pear (too much junk in the trunk), an apple (big all over) or a banana (big hips, flat butt)? Read on to discover the answer to this most perplexing of questions, and more.

Hi David. How did you get started in the personal training business?

Fitness was a big part of my life starting in the early years when I would work out with my father. I learned to appreciate the importance of integrating exercise and movement into my everyday routine.

I was an intellectual property lawyer for some time and when I became disenchanted with law - I turned to my first passion: Fitness.

At what point did you decide to become an author and why?

I was first approached in 1999 to write a book. I thought I had something to say, that my message was important and my voice unique. I also had a great deal of support around me. My first book was "Sound Mind, Sound Body."

Sound Mind, Sound Body

David Kirsch Presents:

Sound Mind, Sound Body
Kirsch offers 'secrets' he's developed for celebrity clients such as supermodels James King and Heidi Klum, who appears in the book. Forty delicious recipes and a nutritious 2-week food plan round out the program.
Building on your success as a trainer you will soon be releasing a series of how-to manuals for those wanting to target and perfect individual body parts. The first of these manuals will be David Kirsch's Butt Book.

Why is the butt (often as opposed to other body parts) one of the main areas many people feel is problematic and wish to improve?

The butt is the bane of many people - women more so than men. I chose to tackle it because that's my specialty - legs and butts that is.

I broke my chops working on some of the most beautiful legs and butts in the world, so naturally this was the first one to tackle in my new series of bodysculpting manuals.

What are some common complaints your clients have concerning their posterior?

It's flat, flabby, too big or too small.

Based on what your clients have told you and your own research, is there such a thing as a perfect butt? If so, what would it look like?

The perfect butt is a subjective thing but I believe that each person can find their perfect butt if they know their body type and marry some good exercise advice with what they feel is a perfect butt for their body.

While not giving too much away, what are some of your tips improving a problem body part, be it the butt or any other region?

Diagnose your body type and then map out a course of action - a combination of cardio, weight-bearing exercise and nutrition.

Speaking of body type, you describe the butt as often being either one of four different shapes depending on a person's genetic predisposition and dietary/training habits: Apple (big all over), Pear (too much 'junk in the trunk'), Banana (big hips, flat butt), and String Bean (no hips, no butt).

What of these, in your experience, provides the most cause for concern among your clients? How would you address this concern?

It's really equally concerning to all body types. Anyone who likes wearing jeans or bathing suits typically wants to change something about their butt.

It's a lot tougher to hide your butt and thighs in this type of clothing than it is to hide other bodily pet peeves such as a big belly.

I've tried to provide a formula for each body type in my Butt Book where I show you the right exercise and in the right sequence for your butt type. I also go into greater detail on exercises for improving body parts in "Sound Mind, Sound Body."

Could you provide a few tips on how to address the so-called banana butt to create a better shape in this area?

Sumo lunges, plie squats, jump squats and traditional squats. Those will do the trick.

Your training approach adopts a 'no excuses, take it anywhere' regimen. What does this mean exactly, and how would you apply this strategy?

My philosophy is that there are no excuses for not having time or a place for a workout. It can be five minutes or 55 minutes. It can be working out with your baby or walking your dog.

You can always find time for taking care of yourself. That's what "no excuses" is all about.

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Squatting is often cited as being one exercise that can either expand the butt, making it disproportionately too large compared to the rest of the body, or tighten ones backside too create a better shape. How should one use the squat, or a variation of this exercise, to tighten and improve the butt?

Squatting is the quintessential leg- and butt-building exercise. For the Pear, traditional squats are ill advised. I caution Pears to do wide-stance squats or plié squats, shifting the emphasis on their thighs and lower body. For the Banana or the String Bean, doing traditional squats is perfectly appropriate.

How important is cardio in terms of butt fat loss? How can it be done to maximize success?

Cardio is integral along with a diet and proper strength training to maximize fat loss. You can achieve the greatest success with cardio by keeping it fresh (add variety to your workouts) and making sure that you do appropriate cardio exercise for your body type.

You also need to stick to cardio that will help you burn the maximum amount of calories in the time you have. For example, always pick the rowing machine over walking on the treadmill.

What, in your view, are some of the key factors those wanting to improve their body need to make optimal progress? What kind of mindset must they have?

They need to be focused, motivated and to keep their eye on the prize. They have a clear vision of what their goal is, be it a wedding, hot date, donning a new bikini or getting their post-baby body back.

Among your long list of celebrity clients what are the major areas these people typically wish to focus on? What do the men want to address and what do the women wish to improve?

Main issues are arms, legs, butt and abs. Men want abs, chest, arms and then legs in that order. Women want legs, butt, arms and abs in that order.

What are some unique challenges your celebrity clients pose, in contrast to your non-celebrity clientele?

The main difference is that the models and actors I work with are generally under time constraints. They're getting ready for an awards show, movie or some other important event.

And, they have the added pressure of being in the public eye and always having paparazzi lurking.

What should your readers expect to achieve after reading each of your books?

A sense of hope and empowerment: I want to show people that exercise is fun and engaging. It's timeless and ageless. One is never too old, and it's never too late to find your best you.

I want to debunk the myth that one cannot target a body part. My Butt manual is just one example of that.


David Kirsch Presents:

The Butt Book
You won't find another book like The Butt Book. In this fun, easy-to-follow, fully illustrated manual, you can depend on exercises being effective, fun, and safe - just like David would do with you in his New York City gym.

Bonus: David Robson's Butt Training Program

Tired of looking like a beanpole in jeans? Wishing to add some meat to your derriere? The following program, to be included for leg day twice per week, will work wonders in fleshing out your behind.

Butt Training

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