The Secrets Of Plateau Busting!

After three months on my old traditional mass program, I had hit a plateau. Find out what I did to break this plateau!
I think as most would agree the key to success, whether it pertains to weight training or life, is maintaining consistency. Having a goal and then maintaining the discipline to move forward each day consistently to achieve that goal in turn brings about success. This has certainly been my experience!

Our Bodies

The human body is a very complex organism and in regards to weight training I have found it necessary to occasionally change up routines, diet, etc… to continue to make gains. You see our muscles, no matter how hard, intense, and consistently we train them will eventually adapt to the stress being put on them. Therefore it is necessary to occasionally shock your muscles with routines that are completely different (rep scheme, weight lifter, rest time between sets) then what they are used too to ensure we are getting the most out of our training and are able to continuously make progress.

My personal goal for my training is simple: I want to gain lean muscle mass, get stronger and lose body fat. (Imagine that. I wonder if anyone else reading this has similar goals, duh)! Anyway for the past three months I had been following a traditional mass building phase. I trained four days per week, kept my sets between nine and twelve using the heaviest weight that I could handle in proper form for six to twelve reps. I must say I got up to 230 lbs. and while I am not lean by any stretch, I am no where near as out of shape and fat as in the past. Why? Consistency. Consistency in my training, diet, and supplementation.

After three months on this traditional mass program, I that I had hit a plateau. My strength leveled off, I stopped seeing changes in the way my physique looked and I was not getting that good sore, full, tight feeling in my muscles. What to do?

Here is a simple (notice I said simple, but don't mistake that for easy) program that has helped me blast through my barriers and spring forward with new gains. Oh yeah, you will be sore. I recommend that you follow the program for two to four weeks that then cycle off.

The Pain By 25's Workout

Day 1: Calves & Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Seated or Standing Calf Raises - View Exercise 4 25
EZ Curl Standing Bicep Curl - View Exercise 1 Warm up
One Arm Curls on Preacher Bench - View Exercise 4 25
Cable Straight Bar Curl - View Exercise 2 25
Rope Pushdowns - View Exercise 4 25
Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks - View Exercise 4 25
Cable Overhead Extensions - View Exercise 2 25

Day 2: Shoulders & Hams

Exercise Sets Reps
Side Laterals - View Exercise 4 25
Rear Laterals - View Exercise 4 25
Machine or Dumbbell Press - View Exercise 4 25
Stiff Legged Deadlifts - View Exercise 3 25
Lying Leg Curls - View Exercise 3 25

Day 3: Back & Traps

Exercise Sets Reps
Machine or Hammer Rows - View Exercise 4 25
Reverse Grip Pulldowns - View Exercise 4 25
Pullovers (Cable or Machine) - View Exercise 4 25
Seated Rows - View Exercise 2 25
Shrugs (Your Choice) - View Exercise 4 25

Day 4: Chest

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Press - View Exercise 4 25
Cable Crossovers - View Exercise 4 25
Flat Bench Press (Machine or Dumbbells) - View Exercise 4 25

Day 5: Quads

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Press - View Exercise 4 25
Hack or Barbell Squats - View Exercise 4 25
Leg Extensions - View Exercise 4 25

Remember you are not supposed to be lifting much weight. Here are some poundages I used.

Side Laterals: 15 lbs.
Incline Press (Dumbbells): 155 lbs.
Concentration Curls: 20 lbs.

I don't care if you use 5 lb. dumbbells. If you do it right it is going to hurt! Make sure you rest about thirty to forty seconds in between sets. For your legs you may need slightly longer. And remember to stretch.


I will mention some supplementation that will help with the much needed recovery and growth that are a staple of my routine. The staples: ProM3, MX PRO40, Complete Effervescent Creatine Power, and loads of Complete L-Glutamine Power. I also cycled on and off with Lipovar 8 and hGH Promino Plus.

If you are a hard gainer, I would suggest using Gainer Matrix two to three times during the day along with the Complete Effervescent Creatine Power and Complete L-Glutamine Power.

Good luck busting out of that training rut and blast forward to new muscle growth.

Kevin DeHaven
ISS Research