An Interview With Pro MMA Fighter Keith Jardine - Fighting Chuck Liddell.

Get a glimpse into the life of UFC fighter Keith Jardine as he prepares to fight Chuck Liddell at UFC 76. Check it out!

    UFC 76 Update:

      Keith Jardine won a 3-round split decision against Chuck Lidell Friday at UFC 76. With this win, Jardine has improved to 13-4-1. Liddell has fallen to 20-5. Read more about the fight at

[ Q ] How does it feel to be fighting a guy like Chuck Liddell

    [ A ] For me, I think this is a great fight and people shouldn't underestimate me - I know Chuck Liddell won't underestimate me. I think he knows this will be similar to my fight with Forrest, a good, exciting, stand-up fight ... that ends with a knockout. It will be a real honor to fight Chuck, he's the greatest light heavyweight champion ever, and I'm excited to fight him at UFC 76.

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UFC 76 Knockout.

[ Q ] What is your training regimen like for a fight like this?

    [ A ] I train 6 days a week training about 4-5 hours a day. This is a typical training day for me:

    • 9:00-10:00am: Mitt work with Mike Winkeljohn, my kickboxing coach for 60 minutes.
    • 1:30-3:30pm: I do Shoot-boxing with Nate Marquardt, Joey Villasenor and big Dan Christison at Greg Jackson's Gym. Then we do some rounds of just grappling.
    • 7:00-8:00pm: At night I do strength and conditioning work with Mike Van Arsdale.

[ Q ] When and why did you start training to be a fighter?

    [ A ] I was coaching football during the late 90s and realized that I still had a huge drive inside me and I needed to find an outlet. I played a little rugby and would participate in top level wrestling tournaments without any training, since I didn't have a team. It wasn't enough, though. Since I first saw the UFC in the early 90s it has always been in the back of my mind. So then I met Greg in 2000. I decided to move to Albuquerque and dedicate myself to training, and now the rest is history.

[ Q ] What ranks and titles have you held?

    [ A ] I am a Black belt in Greg Jackson's art of Gaidojutsu.

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Keith Jardine.

[ Q ] Do you have any heroes?

    [ A ] Soldiers doing their duty overseas.

[ Q ] What is your favorite technique?

    [ A ] The one that leads to a decisive win!

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Keith Jardine.

[ Q ] Do you have a strict diet you stick to and what does it consist of?

    [ A ] I eat a lot of lean meat. My protein and carb intake is crucial for training.

[ Q ] What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC?

    [ A ] I have trained for 5 years, giving up many opportunities, to fight in the UFC. Now I have a shot at making a living doing what I love. I don't intend to waste it.

[ Q ] Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn?

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Keith Jardine.

[ Q ] What was your job before you started fighting?

[ Q ] What do you recommend to young athletes on how to make it to the next levels in MMA?

    [ A ] Work hard and anything is possible. The sky is the limit especially for MMA.

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Keith Jardine.

[ Q ] What supplements do you take at the moment and what would you recommend to other athletes?

    [ A ] I just started taking HARD Nutrition products about 2 months ago. I am a big fan of their performance pack, and Vita X and R3. I feel very strong on these products.

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