Keith Gmirkin's 12-Week Bodybuilding Contest Prep - 6 Weeks Out!

I am going to share with you my 12 week contest prep for the NPC Gold's Gym Treasure Valley Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships! Read on for the details.

6 Weeks Out

Three weeks ago I decided to hire Dr. Joe Klemczewski ( to handle my preparation for this competition. I started at 7.1% B.F., and weighed around 235 in the morning. After three weeks I have dropped to 218 in the low 4% range.

Fully hydrated later in the day I weigh about 225. Dr. Joe wanted to slow the weight loss down a little by adding more food. My calories got bumped up to 3,000 calories with a constant level of 350 grams of protein every day. My carbohydrates will be at 250 grams 5 days a week with an extra 50 grams on Wednesday and 100 extra grams on Saturday.

I'm looking forward to filling out a little as I've been really flat for the last 3 weeks. I know I'll look completely different on stage but it still messes with your mind in the meantime. I'm starting to feel a lot better from the increase in food to 2,500 calories; with another increase this week it should be a lot better. Not letting your body fat get too high in the off-season really helps minimize how lousy you will feel and for how long.

Caloric reduction is just that and it's never going to be pleasant. I'm starting to realize that if you want to be really competitive you need to stay close all year round. You can have an occasional pizza; I just don't recommend it all the time.

I really started working on my posing this Saturday. I was pleased to be able to pose fairly easily for 30 minutes as this usually killed me in the past. I worked with my trainer Craig Toth on the quarter turns and mandatory poses. He's trained tons of people and it's always helpful to have someone point out the little things that you might miss on your own.

My lifting partner Kris Christoph showed up and we got to pose at the same time. It's a lot more fun when there's someone else going through it at the same time. Posing takes a lot out of you and practicing holding the poses will definitely help if you get stuck in a big line up.

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Practicing Holding Poses Will Help In The Line Up.

I've walked onstage with 19 other guys in the Emerald Cup and we were out there for at least 20 minutes while the judges were doing comparisons. My right lat cramped up on me while I was out on stage, not a lot of fun except that it was my first show and I was having so much fun "living the dream" that I really didn't care.


    This week I will do 6 30-45 minute sessions of cardio:
      I am bumping the cardio up a little to compensate for the increase in calories. I don't want to play catch up. I finished my book this week and now I'm starting another.

      I think I will get a good book on anatomy and physiology. The more that I know about my body and the processes that are necessary for me to change it, the more empowered I am to make these changes.


    My food will consist of 3,00 kcals broken in to 7 meals utilizing 250 grams of complex carbs coming from oats, yams and vegetables, 60 grams of fat coming from ground flax seeds, and 350 grams of protein coming from egg whites, chicken, fish, turkey and whey protein.

    One day during the week I get and extra 50 grams of carbohydrates and one day during the weekend I get an extra 100 grams of carbohydrates. The proteins will stay at 350 grams each day. The highlight of the week is that Dr. Joe wants me adding red meat to my diet. I freaking love flank steak!

    I get 18 ounces of steak a day and if I eat something lower in fat I have to add some. I might have to have a spoonful of peanut butter. It's amazing all the things that you take for granted when they aren't in your menu plan. I follow my plan to the tee, if it's not weighed it doesn't go in my mouth. There will be plenty of time to eat whatever I want in 6 weeks when the evening show is over.

    Download One Day Sample Nutrition Plan - 3/08/2006 (PDF)


    I will hit my 4 lifts this week as usual, hard and intense! I'll do 10 reps on my first three sets and finish with a set of 6 reps followed immediately with 3-4 x reps on each movement. I'll use a 2-2-2 cadence and might even slow it down a little more on the first sets to really pre exhaust the muscle tissue.



Pre Workout:


Topic For The Week:

    I changed the title of this section as my goals for the entire 12 weeks are generally the same and I feel it will be more beneficial to share topics that will help the aspiring bodybuilder to be more successful. The word for the day and for any contest prep or just reduction of body fat is gluconeogenesis.

    This is the process the body will go through to extract fatty acids and glycerol stored in the fat cells to then combine and use them for energy. It is the opposite of what the body does when it is storing the excess sugars in our diet to the fat cells.

    I am not a doctor so I highly suggest that you get the book Metabolic Transformation by Dr. Joe Klemczewski so that you understand this principle. Once you understand what your body is going through it will make it a little easier to not eat a couple of cookies or a little piece of cake. It will feel great at the time but can slow down your progress for days afterwards.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I love this sport and am always willing to help people that share the same passion.


Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith
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Keith, 6 Weeks Out.