Issues And Keeping It Real!

For as long as I could remember I have asked myself questions that I have yet to find the answers to. I now realize I will never have all the answers to all the questions in my mind. Please read on to learn about some of the major issues in life.

The Rat-Race, Freedom, Peace And Balance!

For as long as I could remember I have asked myself questions that I have yet to find the answers to. I now realize I will never have all the answers to all the questions in my mind or that of another's could possibly fathom.

I am sure just about everyone has thought to themselves; "Why am I here?" "How did I get here?" and "What am I supposed to do." These are but a few questions that have burdened man since evolution began.

As I continue to experience life's journey, I realize that although my answers are in deficit, my questions, and more importantly the quality of my questions continue to mount a surplus.

Born Into Chaos
Innocence Vs. Corruption

The truth is we are all born into a crazy world with a surplus of questions and a deficit in answers. We are born completely innocent, naive ... green. Many of us get corrupted by our environment - nature and nurture and the propaganda put out by corrupt individuals.

If everyone would just sit back and think for a minute, we would all come to the realization that we are all in the same game. As cliche as that may sound, it's true! We are in 'The Rat Race' and are fueling the social experiments of corrupt elitists.

The game is fixed against us. And yet, the intrinsic desire of man to reach new heights still burns.

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Almost each and every one of us tries to connect with who we are, honoring the child (innocence, potential) within us daily with recognition that we are all part of a larger universe.

Each of us are facing challenges and obstacles that come in many different forms; ranging from a Krispy Creme donut, to a hot member of the opposite sex (or even the same sex, if that is your cup of tea).

Each and every day we face temptations and it is how we handle our temptations, challenges and obstacles that define who we are.

I have made it a point to mention this right here right now, in this column for one reason specifically. To keep my mind focused on what I need to do to realize my dreams. At age 30, I sit here and type this with reflection of successes and failures in my life.

Certainly I have had much success to be thankful for and content. But I can also look back and think of hundreds of opportunities wasted. 'Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda,' is descriptive of how many obstacles, challenges, and choices were handled over the years. That is not what I want defining me.

I know that success comes from a person's will (the state of mind), desire, belief and laser-like focus while moving forward and being productive in society with the realization of wants and needs. With this epiphany (knowledge) I have come to the great realization that what we all truly desire is freedom, peace and balance.

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Mission To Success
Harness The Power Of The Mind

OK. So now that I have got that off my chest for therapeutic reasons, allow me to leave those of you interested with a mission to success I have recently come up with - harnessing the power of the mind - to achieve Freedom, Peace and Balance!

  • Set Goals.
    Write down both long term and short term goals. Set your goals to fit personal, financial, physical, mental and spiritual well being. Every morning and night read aloud your goals to keep your mind focused on realizing the physical equivalence.

    Without focus, wants, and needs, your desires will not be realized.

  • Positive Atmosphere.
    Create an atmosphere of backing, encouragement and support for who you are and what you do. Be positive and supportive of those around you. Surround yourself with positive people who have direction and are going somewhere in life.

    Talk to them. Utilize the minds of others to create an atmosphere that allows you to share ideas with others and to help one another with various dilemmas. Talk in a positive tone with sincerity to help build esteem with your friends, colleagues, associates or teammates.

    Elevate and educate those around you and seek education and elevation from those with whom you kick it with!

    J-Rod hanging with business associates and friends
    that help educate and elevate each other on the journey to success!

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  • Talk To Yourself.
    Fill your mind with good and precious thoughts. Focus on positive experiences and replace negative self defeating thoughts with positive thoughts.

    There is a silver lining in every cloud. Find it. Start exercising good habits. Starting something is easier than stopping something and sooner or later your bad habits will be replaced.

    This approach builds up a surplus of "good" energy in the subconscious mind that can only be turned into a positive physical equivalent.

  • Visualize Yourself Being Successful.
    See yourself with money, freedom and peace. See yourself with the twisted steel and sex appeal body you want, or anything you truly want.

    Just visualize yourself doing what you want and having what you want. See yourself conquering the toughest obstacle or challenge possible. Visualize what you want your life to be like.

    Make it so real in your mind that when the opportunity presents itself to realize your visions, like EMENEM said,

"Don't miss your chance to blow, because opportunity comes once in a lifetime".

  • Success Is The Only Option.
    Too many times we are worried about why something won't happen. Focus on what it takes to make things happen.

    You can stay in the doldrums and wait for things to happen, or you can get in the trenches and make them happen. Focus on why things will happen. Never consider the possibility of failure.

    In her novel The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand wrote, "It is not in the nature of man - nor of any living entity, to start out by giving up." As a driven individual you need to fully believe in your goals and being able to realize them.

    Who Was Ayn Rand?
    Novelist and Philosopher, Ayn Rand was the author of numerous best-selling fiction and non-fiction books. She was also the creator of the philosophy known as Objectivism, known as a "philosophy for living on earth."

    Have strong faith in your ideas, your capabilities and yourself. You must believe beyond question that you have the ability to recognize and fulfill visions. The more you can develop faith in your ability to achieve your goals, the more rapidly you can attain it.

    Be sure to balance your confidence with the risks that you need to take to achieve greater rewards. As they saying goes "no guts, no glory." Take the risk and make it happen!

  • Execute.
    Move forward and do what it takes. Be productive, win by attrition, and remember no one achieves success by twiddling their thumbs staring at the wall!

    A 9-to-5 job is for survival, overtime is for success! You have to breathe, eat and drink your goals until they are able to stand on their own. Working hard is easy if you have clear goals, are around positive successful people, have vision, and are passionate with how you execute.

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