Justin Deprospo Pre-Contest Journal!

Find out all of the details right here for Justin Deprospo Pre-Contest preparation. Details include training, diet, supplementation, and of course lots of photos!

I feel that it is an honor to be writing a pre-contest journal about my brother for the premier online bodybuilding site for supplements, apparel, and the latest news and findings in the bodybuilding community.

This will allow my readers to see what my knowledge can do when applied to a bodybuilder getting ready for a contest. I look forward to this preparation, and refuse to let Bodybuilding.com, and my readers down.

Progression Pics.

10 Weeks Out: Contest Prep

      Since I will not be competing this year I decided to focus my efforts on preparing my brother, Justin Deprospo, for the light heavy weight class at this years New England Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition.

8 Weeks Out: Contest Prep

      From 10 weeks out to 8 weeks out not much has changed regarding his training and diet, the most dramatic changes will be at the 6 weeks out mark when we introduce a carbohydrate cycling protocol to really strip his body fat down and get into the shredded condition that he will need to place in the money come May 8th.

6 Weeks Out: Contest Prep

      Everything is steadily moving along in Justin's preparation and these last six weeks will be focused on dialing him in for the show date. This year's competition in the light-heavyweight class will be a dog fight for sure, but I am confident that Justin will be up there posing with the best of the pack!

4 Weeks Out: Contest Prep

      There are minor changes to his weekly regimen the past two weeks, but the changes that he has made in his physique from 6 weeks out to 4 weeks out have become very evident. The pictures that were taken this week were also taken in a better setting where natural light was used as the light source. These pictures show the increased hardness, definition, and striations that have come through over the past weeks.

3 Weeks Out: Contest Prep

      As I said in the last journal, Justin's pre-contest journal will now be updated on a weekly basis, as his prep will begin to change more often. From 4 weeks out to 3 weeks out we have made some slight alterations to Justin's diet and supplement schedule. His overall look has improved since last week's journal, and he hasn't lost any muscle fullness or size during this time.

2 Weeks Out: Contest Prep

      The light heavyweight class is going to be deep this year with around 20 guys, which means that we will be doing everything possible for the judges to take notice of Justin on the day of the show and put him up there in the top three.

1 Week Out: Contest Prep & The Show

      Justin is now 1 week out from the New England Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition. This last week is the final stage in his contest prep. All the work that got him to this point was accomplished in the previous 9 weeks of his contest preparation.