The Brit Show With John Berry And Barry Snell: Motivation!

Watch 26-year-old British natural bodybuilder John 'The Giant Killer' Berry train week-by-week for his first bodybuilding competition. Download this week's free motivation video episode to your computer for future reference!

Welcome to "The Brit Show" with John 'The Giant Killer' Berry and Barry Snell ("Baz"). John is a 26-year-old British natural bodybuilder will bring you week-to-week updates on his preparation for his first bodybuilding competition.

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This Week, John And Baz Speak About Motivation!

Special Topic

As part of's Motivation Super Feature , John and Barry take a few minutes out of their crazy tough "Brit Show" routines to clown around a little and discuss what motivates them to hit the gym time and again. And remember, you saw 'em here first!

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