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Get the latest gossip on some of the best known names in competitive bodybuilding. The latest updates include Will Harris, Chris Cormier, Chris Faildo, and Shavis Higa. See what they are up to!

Big Will "World" Harris

Last week I watched Big Will "World" Harris as he was shooting with photographer Robert Reiff at Gold's Gym Venice. Will was still in great shape since his stage time at the Mr. Olympia, and was heard saying, "I'm going to start back training now because come 2008, the Iron Man and San Jose Pro Shows will be mine..."

Will Harris
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Will "World" Harris.

"... I plan on staying tighter and in better condition through the year." Will also stated that he has a few guest posing appointments lined up and he was about to leave for Arizona for one show, and then Moscow afterwards.

2008 - The Return Of The "Real Deal"?

I ran into the "Real Deal" Chris Cormier this week. If you're ever having a bad day, just call on this guy and he's sure to make you laugh. Chris is always straight-up with what he says but he also loves to joke around. All this is from the same Chris Cormier to just a short time back was unconscious in a East Coast hospital for over one month.

Chris Cormier
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Chris Cormier.

After getting out from the hospital Chris said he needed help doing everything as he couldn't even stand up on his own. With his discipline from training Chris began his long road to recovery where as a weaker person would have just given up.

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You can always catch Chris training at Gold's Venice twice a day or down the street at Max Muscle where I believe he's the current X-Box champion. Since Chris started his comeback this year he has settled down quite a bit and is more serious than ever on doing some damage to the Pro ranks in 2008.

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You Can Catch Chris Training At Gold's Venice.

Chris was seen training for his 2007 season with the highly regarded Robby Robinson. Was this to be his new secret weapon? I called Chris to ask him and he said, "I tried the advised light training, and although it was good for some of my injuries it's not me so I'm going back to my old school days of heavy and hard, the training that made Chris Cormier," said Cormier.

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Chris competed in Sept. 2007 with only 7 months of serious training back under his belt. He feels that he's still not back to where he was before his illness but in time all things will come. Now as of Aug. 19 Chris is 40 yrs old and when I ask him about and future plans he said, "I want to compete another two or three years and get that victory."

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Chris Cormier.

Chris is by no means a quitter as he started competing as a teenager in 1985 and until his hospitalization Chris only took time off the stage in 1989 and 1992 but still continued to train. Chris, who is still under contract with MuscleTech until Nov. 2008 said his competition plans will depend on if he re-signs with MuscleTech or another company.

A Dangerous Hurricane Coming Out Of Hawaii

I flew back home a few days ago to beautiful Oahu, Hawaii, and on my first night in the gym I ran into longtime friend Chris Faildo, the "Hawaiian Hurricane." Some things seem to get better with age and Chris now being 41 seems to be one of those things. This guy never looks older from year to year.

Chris Faildo
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The Hawaiian Hurricane.

Chris told me he's been competing now since he was 16, that's 25 years on stage, which is a lot of shows to diet for. I'm sure most people know Chris as the Asian bodybuilder who is always super shredded and a great poser. Chris just won the Welterweight and overall at the NPC Team Universe, which was a Pro Qualifier.

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I ask Chris if he's applied for his new Pro card yet, but to my surprise he said that he hadn't because he will be competing in Korea on Oct 27 & 28 with 5 team members at the IFBB World Championship. Doesn't this guy get tired of dieting?

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Chris Is Always Super Shredded And A Great Poser.

When I asked Chris if he's ever thought of going up a weight class, he said, "My symmetry is what I have going for me so I feel I look the best at this weight." Chris also told me he tries to eat clean in the off season except on Sundays he'll have what he craves. "Now that I'm older I still train for size and shape but I train much smarter. I'll listen to my body and take the time off if I need it," stated Chris. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of Chris to come.

Big Things Can Come In Small Packages

Another local boy here in the islands that is on the rise is Shavis Higa. If you happened to watch the LA Championships or the USA's you would remember Shavis. Shavis entered the LA; where not only did he win his classes as a welterweight, but then went on to win the whole show. One week later Shavis headed to Las Vegas where he entered the USA as a lightweight and again, walked away with first place. Talk about being on a roll. How does this guy do it?

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How Does This Guy Do It?

Shavis and his wife Maybelline of two years have a 14 month old daughter Sahelyne, so not only is this guy a good bodybuilder, husband, and father, holds a full time job, but also serves in the Army National Guard. That's a lot of work for one guy. Shavis who is 32, has competed now for eleven years said, "I had to move up in a heaver weight class because I keep gaining weight, but I guess I'm lucky as I eat what I want in the off season because I have a fast metabolism."

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Shavis told me that his sights are set on the 2008 Nationals which will give him some extra time to pack on some mass to compete with the heavier classes. When we discussed training Shavis explained how he wants to focus more on back training this year to bring it up to pair with his legs, which he feels is his strong point. If you want to contact Shavis he can be reached at shavishiga@yahoo.com.

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Shavis' Legs Are His Strong Point.

2007 Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championship

While we are the subject of Hawaii, on Nov. 2 promoter Guy Leong will be hosting the 2007 Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championship in Waikiki, Hawaii. Guy always puts on a great show and this year should be no exception with a lot of great guest posers scheduled.

The list includes Silvio Samuel, Hidetada Yamagishi, and local Chris Faildo. Expected to attend is Leo Ingram, who is now living in Oahu, and local visitor and Pro Stan McQuay. Chris Cormier will also be flying in that day and told me he'll be at the show to check out the local talent.

Although the Hawaiian Islands contest held in July is supposed to be a bigger show, the Paradise Cup tends to be a more prestigous show to compete in and win. This is a National qualifier and most of the bodybuilders who do qualify end up at the USA or Nationals the following year.

So if you're on the Island be sure to check the show out and you'll also find a lot of great gyms to train at such as Powerhouse, Gold's and 24 Hour Fitness with several locations through the island.

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