Joel Stubbs Back Training: His Routine For A Massive Back!

?Big? Joel Stubbs is willing to do whatever it takes to grow his physique into something that will have everyone talking. Here?s a routine along with back-attack tips to build a massive back. Start here and build your own!

Article Summary:
  • Joel shares his Back-Attack Workout. "It takes more than just genetics."
  • The back is one of the largest muscle groups and requires higher reps.
  • An impressive back needs width, thickness and deep separations.
  • He's got one of the freakiest upper bodies in the business, dwarfing anyone who steps on stage next to him. When he hits his lat spread, an eclipse falls over the audience, with lats like a cobra ready to attack. This mega-freak we're talking about is none other than Muscle Asylum ProjectTM superstar, and possibly the world's largest bodybuilder, Joel Stubbs.

    Joel Stubbs
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    Muscle Asylum ProjectTM Superstar, Joel Stubbs.

    Joel Stubbs is willing to do whatever it takes to grow his physique into something that will have everyone talking. Despite his age, "Big" Joel Stubbs has managed to pack on abnormally large muscle size.

    It takes more than just genetics; it takes hard work, and in this feature Joel shares with us how he built his massive back as well as tips and techniques you can use to morph your back into the biggest it's ever been.

    Joel Stubbs
    Big Back Workout

    If you're trying to add mass to your back, Joel Stubbs' back-attack training can help you put on the size you've been working towards.


    Joel Stubbs's 2007 Iron Man
    Posing Routine.

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    Or Download Here:
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    [ More 2007 Iron Man Routines ]

    Big Back-Attack Tips

    1. Vary Your Grip:

      Joel likes to vary his grip on certain exercises using a wide grip, close grip and/or underhand grip to carve out his massive back.

    Joel Stubbs
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    Joel Likes To Vary His Grip.

    2. Use A Full Range Of Motion:

      Always use a full range of motion on all of your back exercises to maximize muscle fiber recruitment. For example, on lat pulldowns, allow your shoulders to lift up towards your ears to fully stretch out your lats, then depress them down and inward on the pulldown phase of the lift.

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    Lat Pulldowns.
    Video: Windows Media - Real Player

    3. Experiment With Rep Ranges:

    Rep Variation Training!
    [ Click here to learn more. ]
    Rep Variation Training!
    Even though many people do just toss the bar up and down, rep performance ties in directly with the effectiveness of your set.
    Jim Brewster

    4. Utilize Peak Contractions:

      Many bodybuilders utilize peak contractions in their back training in an attempt to bring out more separation and detail. To do this, try holding the contracted position of your back movements for two seconds while actively flexing your back.

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    Mass Impact

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    5. Hit Every Area:

      For a truly impressive back, you need the right combination of width, thickness and deep separations. Try including two rowing movements, two pulldown movements and one extension movement to hit all areas of the back.

    Joel Stubbs
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    Joel Stubbs Has A Truly Impressive Back!

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