Jim Vaglica is a full-time police sergeant and on call 24/7 with a regional SWAT team. He was recruited for The Cops team on Mark Burnett's Expedition Impossible.


Jim Vaglica is a Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He works as a Police Patrol Sergeant and he spent 16 years with a regional SWAT team. He has competed in many bench press contests, SWAT competitions and was recruited for "The Cops" team on Mark Burnett's Expedition Impossible. He now focuses on obstacle racing. He also runs the fitness website JimVaglica.com.


BodySpace: Bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/JimVaglica/
Facebook: Facebook.com/jim.vaglica
Twitter: @JimExpedition
Instagram: Instagram.com/jimvaglica
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/profile/JimVaglica/
Google+: Plus.google.com/+JimVaglica/

He can be contacted at Jim@JimVaglica.com.

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SWAT: Only The Strong Survive
Think you're tough? Here's how elite SWAT team members train for ultra-high-performance law enforcement.
Section: Training :: Oct 03, 2014

The Novel Way To Make Big Muscle Gains
1 + 1/2 never equaled 1 in math class, but it adds up to big muscle when you apply this intensity-boosting principle in the gym.
Section: Training :: Sep 08, 2014

Strong-Arm Tactics: Get A Grip Like A Cop
In law enforcement, controlling your firearm?not to mention a fleeing suspect?requires exceptional grip strength. Here's why you need it and how to build it.
Section: Training :: Sep 02, 2014

How To Retain Muscle After Surgery
A lifter's worst fear is a bad injury. Here's how Jim Vaglica navigated the road back after shoulder surgery with steely determination and minimal muscle loss.
Section: Training :: Aug 21, 2014

Be More Than Strong. Be Tough!
Toughness can't be categorized in a rep range or a fiber type. It's everything you do in the gym and more. You don't need to be tough?until, one day, you do. When that time comes, will you be ready?
Section: Training :: Jul 28, 2014

War Of The WODS: How Hard Could CrossFit Be?
It's easy to lob insults at new trends without trying them. This lifter and police officer put his body on the line and faced three tough CrossFit workouts!
Section: Training :: Feb 06, 2014

A Difference You Can Feel: Gironda Dips And Triple Add Sets
You don't have to go hunting for new exercises every time you want to shock your body into growth. Just try these two twists on staple upper-body movements!
Section: Training :: Jan 14, 2014

Fight Fire With Fitness: Follow The ''Hotshot'' Workout!
There's no tougher foe than a raging wildfire. Load up your pack, gain some elevation, and try the workout favored by the ''Hotshots!''
Section: Training :: Sep 23, 2013

3 Ways To Skyrocket Your Cardio Intensity!
Plenty of training modalities don't live up to the hype. High-intensity interval training definitely does. Aside from the known health benefits, it'll leave you on the ground begging for mercy. Here's how to get started.
Section: Training :: Sep 12, 2013

Crush It! Heavy Skull Crushers For Titanic Triceps
Skull crushers are the only exercise that comes with a warning built into their name. Who would dream of doing this with heavy weights? Officer Jim Vaglica, aka the strong arm of the law.
Section: Training :: Jun 24, 2013

Was I Prepared For A Reality TV Adventure Race?
For one police officer and weightlifter, a reality TV race provided the ultimate test of a lifetime spent in training. He traded the air-conditioned gym for the scorching Sahara!
Section: Training :: Apr 12, 2013

You Must Be Frontin’: 5 Movements To Balance Your Delts
Everyone can benefit from better posture. But your steady diet of pushing exercises isn’t helping. Put these strategic moves in your program and stand up for yourself!
Section: Training :: Mar 14, 2013

Breaking Up With Scar Tissue: One Lifter’s Experience With A.R.T.
If you’ve ever adjusted your program around painful body parts, you’re definitely in the majority. Officer Jim Vaglica had tried it all, but backup finally arrived in the form of Active Release Technique.
Section: Training :: Mar 05, 2013

Two Heads Are Better Than One: 5 Moves For Balanced Biceps
Biceps are the original two-headed beast. Make sure you're feeding both halves of yours with a complete array of curls.
Section: Training :: Feb 14, 2013

Get A Grip: The Importance Of Forearm Strength
A strong grip is good for more than opening pickle jars. Work some forearm tools into your existing program, and your reward will be greater overall strength.
Section: Training :: Dec 03, 2012

Pressing Charges: 7 Bench-Press Crimes, Solved
Are you guilty of the leg-writhe, the chest-bounce, or the two-rep set? Learn from Officer Jim Vaglica before someone issues a bench warrant!
Section: Training :: Nov 29, 2012

Abdominal Axioms: The Truth Beneath That 6-Pack
The world of ab training is full of gimmicks and quick-fixes. Learn the truth about getting that coveted 6-pack, even if it's not what you want to hear!
Section: Training :: Aug 28, 2012

Police Your Lats: Assign Width To Your Back With Lat Shrugs
If pull-ups and lat pull-downs aren't getting you the V-taper of your dreams, it's time to perform the lat shrug. Police Sergeant Jim Vaglica shows you how it's done!
Section: Training :: Aug 23, 2012

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