Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 5 - Shoulders, Legs, Calves

Today's single-joint workout will help you carve sharp calves, build unbelievable quads, and cap your body with well-defined delts.

Think you won't get a great workout performing high-rep, single-joint exercises? Think again. Altogether, this workout includes 23 working sets, with 1 minute of cardio acceleration between every set. If that doesn't get you sweating, I don't know what will. Get ready to build and burn.

As you get to the end of today's session, you will start to fatigue. Don't allow your exhaustion to affect your form. Maintain focus and remember to be intelligent about your weight selection. Keep your tunes heavy and push to the limit.

Shoulders, Legs, Calves (single joint)

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