Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 33 - Shoulders, Legs, Calves

Today's single-joint workout will help you carve sharp calves, build unbelievable quads, and cap your body with well-defined delts.

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There's nothing quite like a high-rep leg workout combined with the non-stop action of cardio acceleration. Stockpile your energy throughout the day so you've got plenty of gas in the tank for this brutal Shortcut session. You're nearly through the fifth week of Shortcut to Shred, so the finish line is in sight. Keep training hard and heavy, stick to the nutrition plan, and you will transform.

Optional Advanced Technique

Cardio accelerated rest-pause dropset: Take the last set of each exercise to muscle failure. Then, rack the weight and perform cardio acceleration by running in place for 15-20 seconds. Pick up the weight and continue doing reps until you reach muscle failure again. Immediately decrease the weight by 20-30 percent and lift until you reach muscle failure again. You are now done with the set.

Shoulders, Legs, Calves (single joint)

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