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Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 2 - Shoulders, Legs, Calves

Build shoulders of stone, legs of steel, and diamond-shaped calves with this combination of multi-joint exercises and high-intensity cardio acceleration.

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Yesterday was your introduction to Shortcut to Shred. You got to know the movements and you learned how to incorporate cardio acceleration. Today is your chance to push through the pain and get to know these workouts on a more personal basis.

Use how you felt yesterday and how you feel today to gauge your intensity. If you feel like you didn't even train yesterday, then you know it's time turn up the energy. Try to do more reps during your cardio acceleration, or increase the time. On the other hand, if you feel like you can barely summon the energy to take a deep breath, you know that yesterday may have been too intense. Slow down the cardio acceleration, but don't give it up.

Today's leg workout will push you. The heavy, compound lifts and cardio acceleration exercises will challenge your muscle strength and endurance far beyond what you're accustomed to. Welcome the pain. Yesterday, you made the commitment to start the Shortcut. Today, you make the commitment to see it through. Don't let a little heavy breathing scare you from becoming your best.

Shoulders, Legs, Calves (multi-joint)

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