Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 18 - Chest, Triceps, Abs

Chisel a detailed physique and torch body fat with today's single-joint Shortcut to Shred chest, triceps, and abs workout. Keep the shred strong.

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Get your head in the game before today's workout, because the rep range flips completely. You've lifted hard and heavy for the last three days; for the next three days, you'll feel the burn of 21-30 reps per set. The exercises will still be intense, but your muscles will experience a different sort of fatigue. The high-rep, isolation exercises should also deliver an extreme pump.

As always, keep your cardio acceleration going strong. You're almost halfway done with Shortcut to Shred, so make every minute count. Switch the exercises if you haven't already. Introduce new challenges to garner new results. Build and burn with everything you've got.

Chest, Triceps, Abs (single joint)

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