Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 16 - Shoulders, Legs, Calves

Build shoulders of stone, legs of steel, and diamond-shaped calves with this combination of multi-joint exercises and high-intensity cardio acceleration.

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It's time for another session of heavy lifting and hardcore shredding. For those of you who love to lift heavy, these early workouts in microcycle three might be the best in the program. Have fun, but be careful—especially on overhead exercises like the barbell press. Engage your glutes and keep your core tight.

To fail in 5-6 reps on calf raises, you'll have to load up quite a few plates. Don't be afraid to stack on the iron; your calves can take the abuse. Whatever you lift, make sure you record it. You'll be back in this rep range three weeks from now, and you want to beat the numbers you write today.

Shoulders, Legs, Calves (multi-joint)

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