Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 1 - Chest, Triceps, Abs

Amp up the cardio acceleration, chisel your chest, torch your triceps, and sculpt a killer six-pack with today's multi-joint Shortcut to Shred workout.

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Shortcut to Shred starts with a bang. There is no "easy" day. There's no tutorial. It's day one, and you've got a high-intensity chest, triceps, and abs workout on tap. You'll be hitting multi-joint exercises for 9-to-11 reps per set. You'll smoke all three areas of your chest, completely destroy your triceps, and give your abs the challenge they've been looking for. On top of that, you've got cardio acceleration between each exercise. Let's get shredded.

Shortcut to Shred Chest, Triceps, and Abs Workout
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Get Warm

Begin every Shortcut to Shred workout with a few minutes of fast-paced cardio. A quick cardio warm-up will get the blood pumping in your body and prep your nervous system, muscles, and joints for heavy weight and hard work. You never want to start a workout cold, so choose a movement like bench step-ups to get things started.

Warm-up sets of your first resistance exercise are also important. When you lift in a relatively high rep range, like today, one warm-up set is fine. As you progress through Shortcut to Shred and the weight gets heavier, you may need more than one warm-up set.

Smith Machine Clean

Be careful not to fatigue the working muscle while warming up. Your warm-up set should be light and explosive. You want to activate and engage your fast-twitch muscle fibers before you hit them with a lot of weight.

Weight It Out

When it comes to your working sets, pick a challenging weight that you can lift for roughly 10 reps. If you can't get the last few reps on your third and fourth sets, don't go lighter. Keep the weight the same and do as many reps as you possibly can. The intensity and pace of the workout are sometimes more important than the number of reps.

For the cardio acceleration movements, always use a light weight. These movements aren't meant to stress your muscle; they're meant to challenge your cardiovascular fitness. To keep the stress on your energy systems and not your muscular system, choose a weight that you can move for a full minute.

If you need to adjust the weight you're lifting at any time, make sure you do it after your cardio acceleration exercise.


There is no prescribed rest in Shortcut to Shred. Only take what you absolutely need. Cardio acceleration is all about replacing your rest periods with high-intensity activity. You move directly from cardio acceleration movements to resistance exercises.

Chest/Triceps/Abs Workout

Chest, Triceps, Abs (multi-joint)

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Training Tips


Each chest exercise in this workout targets a specific area of the pecs. By emphasizing different areas of the muscle, we recruit as many muscle fibers as possible and maximize muscle growth.


To hit your triceps effectively while doing dips, focus on keeping your elbows close to your body and your torso upright. Don't flare your elbows; that places stress on your shoulders.

Although you don't have to perform the close-grip bench press on the Smith machine, I recommend it because you can overload your triceps after your chest is already fried. Grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip to keep stress off your wrists and on your triceps. If you use a Smith machine, you can opt for an open grip, meaning your fingers aren't wrapped around the bar. This grip helps you press with your palms and contract your triceps instead of using your chest and shoulders.

"Although you don't have to perform the close-grip bench press on the Smith machine, I recommend it because you can overload your triceps after your chest is already fried."


Hip thrusts target and build your lower abs because you can use resistance, not just the weight of your own body. The movement might be awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll never look back.

Track Your Progress

This program contains many variables: two different periodization methods, three different microcycles, and two different phases. You have to keep track of your weights, sets, and the length and intensity of your cardio acceleration movements.

The best way to do this is by using BodySpace. Add the Shortcut to Shred program to your BodySpace calendar and then sync it to your phone. That way, you can log everything without having to carry around a notebook and pen.

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