Getting My Pro Card!

I will be getting my pro card this year and will be competing in the shows I have listed below.
This year my goal is to help my fans and newcomers who hit my site. Also, I will obtain my pro card with the NGA (National Gym Association) this year, and as follows these are some of the shows that I will be participating in:

March 24
3rd Annual OGD Natural Classic
2nd Annual NGA Collegiate, Teens & Masters

TIERS 1 and 2

1st Annual NGA OGD Women Fitness
Burlington, NC

April 28
9th Annual CanAm Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships
Buffalo, NY

TIERS 1 and 3

May 12
Western America Natural Pro Qualifier Championships
Tucson, AZ

TIERS 1 and 4

The reason for doing the show in March is to prepare for the pro qualifier show to follow.

My reasons for doing the show in April and the show in May is to obtain my pro card.

Once I win my pro card in April I won't have to do the show in May because I am then qualified as a NGA pro. Then once I have my pro card I can compete in numerous pro shows, and that will help open doors for myself. Then once I achieve this I can help my fellow amateur bodybuilders achieve the same.

Pending the results from these shows, will determine my schedule for 2001.

Until then... Stay Natural 4 Life!!!